Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Pet Store "2020 City Tutorial"

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Pet Store "2020 City Tutorial"

In this video i show you how to make a pet shop! and not only do i show you how to make the awesome looking building that is the pet shop but i show you how to make the inside and the ouside of this lovely looking animal sanctuary!

How To Make a CIty Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVfyBBWTXosBc2X7FdAzrdKffZoY1ZzZG

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  1. Why didn’t you put in the how to build a city playlist? (It’s fine, I’m sure you will soon)(oh no wait?, it’s been 3 months!?!)

  2. Hey TSMC just type /give @a command_block
    Then type in /effect @a night_vision 100000
    Which will then give u a long time of night vision

  3. Hola TSMC Mi voz no es Ingles, podrás hacer en minecraft el supermercado Tesco Tutorial 2020 en 2 partes

  4. Love your channel! It must take AGES to plan all of these! It’s impressive how often you upload. Keep up the good work! Also 12:20, a quartz slab appears without him placing it! CONSPIRACY!

  5. When i was filling the floor while my roof was done i heard a squeak behind me an discovered 2 bats chillin

  6. Carls jr

    Papa John’s pizza

    Best buy

    Theme park

    Highway road

    Minecraft headquarters

    Chinese restaurant

    Radio station

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