Miniature Horse Named ‘Flirty’ Takes Commercial Flight

Miniature Horse Named ‘Flirty’ Takes Commercial Flight

A horse is believed to have made aviation history, and Inside Edition was there for the momentous occasion. Abrea Hensley, 33, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which she says is due to childhood trauma. Because she is allergic to dogs, her service animal is a horse she named Flirty. Together, they boarded a plane in Nebraska. It’s believed that Flirty’s voyage is the first time in U.S. aviation history that a miniature horse flew a commercial airplane.


  1. They care about animals more then people and poor people just one mistake and they kick then out hh what a people. Next time they will leave elephant baby in plane or cow .. I will take sheep with me in plane and see what will happen

  2. Just think the "service" animals allowed it getting ridiculous.
    My friend has a MEDICAL alart dog & is allergic to her dog she just take antihistamines and carrys on as normal. Its just people pushing the rules

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