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Moles, better known to the medical community as melanocytic nevi, are benign skin growths. Although moles are benign, they can be confused with certain types of cancerous growths. They are benign growths that can be present at birth or appear later. They can also be unsightly or uncomfortable. This means that there is a pretty good market for different types of mole remover.Some people may not think of them as moles, but the American Academy of Dermatology classifies skin tags as such. These are some of the easiest to remove and many at-home options are practical in dealing with them. Twisting them back and forth repeatedly or tying them off with a piece of dental floss often results in a bloodless removal method.Flat or slightly raised, dark-colored blemishes are more commonly thought of as traditional moles. These moles are more difficult to remove because of their particular characteristics. Their removal often requires the assistance of a doctor because it is generally achieved through minor surgery. Some people do attempt to treat these moles at home but it is more complicated.The risks of surgical or laser removal include all of the normal potential surgical complications, such as infection or anesthetic reaction. They also include the possibility of large, unsightly or uncomfortable scars. Any time moles are going to be removed, they should be evaluated beforehand by a dermatologist to make certain they are benign.Many home remedies exist that claim to remove moles, but the majority probably do nothing. People often seek out these home remedies because of cost, since having moles removed is often considered cosmetic by insurance companies. Raised moles are much easier to be removed than the ones that are flat. If you are considering removing a mole because it has changed color or shape, check with a dermatologist, as this can be a sign of cancer.Possibly effective methods of removing moles include the use of apple cider vinegar and/or garlic. Applied to the surface of the blemish, some people see shrinkage or even complete disappearance. Sometimes it is recommended that the moles be scratched or pricked with a needle in order to allow the substance access. Sterilization is very important if you are going to do this.Both home and medical remedies are not always enough to prevent moles from re-growing. This is because they often have deeper roots in the skin than is apparent and the lower portions are easily missed. Sometimes these moles re-grow harmlessly, but they can re-grow bigger and more uncomfortable, or even as a more dangerous type of lesion.Many people have moles, and the vast majority remains harmless and non-troublesome. However, sometimes a person needs a good mole remover option because it is uncomfortable, unsightly, or simply annoying them. Don’t use a mole remover of any kind if you are not sure that it is benign. Usually, this means getting a doctor to check on it for you.

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