Most Adorable Monkey and Ape Videos 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

Most Adorable Monkey and Ape Videos 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

Funny Pet Videos presents a new compilation of home videos featuring the funniest monkeys! You’ll go bananas over this comp of funny monkey home videos!

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  1. There’s something very wrong with people who take these beautiful animals, put clothes on them, put them in high chairs, diapers, give them beer, pop & cigarettes. Why tf would you bring a monkey into your house & put a chain on it?? Disgusting.
    The majority of the clips show people who clearly are using these animals to make YouTube content. Definitely alot of psychological issues going on with these people.
    Very sad.

  2. At 01:03 there is absolutely NOTHING cute or funny about a poor baby monkey that is sad and being given no affection and that so badly needs and wants a mom or caregiver to cling to that it is trying to cling to whatever it possibly can, in this case a freaking tortoise! Not funny at all just extremely sad and heartbreaking

  3. It is really upsetting to see so many monkeys being kept as ‘pets’, these are wild animals that should be living outside in their family grouks, but anyways, the WORST is giving a monkey or an ape sugar-laden drinks like Coca Cola, or even more disgusting, alcohol!! It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s bad for them!!!

  4. @3:06 that lady and family are completely messed up, this poor monkey is not a baby toy for you! His great life as a monkey was stripped away from him all because you need a "toy child" in order to feel good about yourself. These people should feel like the rubbish they truly are. None of these poor monkeys deserve to be chained or loose their true life in nature.

  5. So sad to see animals being treated as if they were humans.they need to be free to roam where ever they please. Not saying they aren’t cool to have one,but they can be dangerous if not handled properly as history has taught us.

  6. I hated seeing all those baby monkeys on short leashes in the house. its WRONG! You know that baby you got, someone KILLED its mother so you could think your "cool" owning a monkey. So sad.

  7. Who lets a monkey drink a beer and smoke a cigarette and think that it’s funny and ok. They learn that BAD BAD BAD behaviour from humans SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE

  8. Most of these are very sad not funny and not cute. Sad.
    There is nothing wrong with a pet but ONLY if the pet is BOTH happy and healthy physically and mentally.

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