Most BIZARRE Emotional Support Animals People Actually Own!

Most BIZARRE Emotional Support Animals People Actually Own!

Check out the Most BIZARRE Emotional Support Animals People Actually Own! This top 10 list of strangest and weirdest pets has some of the funniest service animals people own for emotional support!

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12. Pig
A service animal is usually a dog that is trained to work and perform tasks to help a person with a disability. This can vary from mental to physical or psychiatric, and therapy and service animals help people stay calm during stressful times like in large crowds, or flying on an airplane. In 2014, a someone brought their therapy animal onto the plane with them and it didn’t go so well.

11. Boa Constrictor
Before you freak out, it should be noted that this is one of the smaller breeds of Boa Constrictor. This red-tailed boa constrictor named Redrock rides around on his owners neck. Daniel Greene is an epileptic and the 5-foot snake alerts him 3 minutes before he is about to have a seizure. Daniel says that Redrock must detect an increase in his blood pressure or changes in his body and senses it.

10. Alpaca
A reporter in New York has an alpaca named Sorpresa as her therapy animal, and she actually went around New York to various stores and random places to find out which of the stores would let her and Sorpresa in.

9. Duck
It is proven that animals help alleviate loneliness, lower our blood pressure and reduce stress. And our furry friends come in all shapes and sizes! Meet Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt, an actual Duck in the world that is also a registered emotional support animal. His owner is a woman named Carla Fitzgerald, who got Daniel back in 2012. He helped her get through a terrible accident she had been through.

8. Dalmatian
Having a dog as an emotional support animal is the most common and most people don’t think of it as strange. After all, dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world and like I mentioned before, can be approved under the ADA guidelines. But in 2016, a woman found herself face to face with a really large Dalmatian that was serving as a therapy pet for a person on a plane.

7. Bonnet Macaque
For lack of a better term, a Bonnet Macaque is an “Old World Monkey”, and one that is actually pretty rare and hard to get. They’re found in the southern part of India, and their distribution to other parts of the world is extremely limited because of the illegal pet trade. However Debby Rose is a founder of Wild Things Exotic Animal Orphanage and she cares for nearly 20 monkeys.

6. Pot Bellied Pig
This particular pig, named Elvis, is a bit of a question mark in regards to whether he actually is a service animal or not. The owner, Alisha Doolittle, is wanting to use Elvis to as her service animal because she is blind. However, the city she lives in is fighting her because in their eyes, Elvis is a farm animal and nothing else.

5. Parrot
It may seem a little strange, but a Parrot actually has a bit of an advantage on certain other therapy animals. Mainly because of its ability to communicate. Jim Eggers had an extreme case of Bipolar Disorder, he would get into a full-on rage and would want to hurt people. His parrot Sadie, was assigned to him, and was taught to speak certain phrases.

4. Squirrels
Squirrels aren’t just cute critters running around! Ryan Boylan has a squirrel named Brutus who has been there for him since he was in a car accident in 2004 that left him with trauma.

3. Appaloosa Horse
Humans and horses have been together for thousands of years, and we can have great bonds with them. But that being said, that doesn’t mean you should take them all over the world with you, but for Cheryl Spencer, that’s exactly what she does with her Appaloosa horse named Confetti.

2. Turkey
One of the most famous emotional support animals of all time is a Turkey. This occurred when a woman brought the Turkey on board and claimed it as a “Therapy Pet”. Naturally, people saw the Turkey and started to take pictures of it, which spread news of the bird all over the world.

1. Kangaroo
To you, this might seem like an unbelievable thing, but it’s true, there have been people who have gotten Kangaroos as service animals. And no, not all of them are in Australia. Diana Moyer is the proud owner of a young kangaroo in Wisconsin, but they were kicked out of a McDonald’s because the animal didn’t meet their “health and safety” rules.

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  1. stop bringing them into grocery stores, disgusting cunts.. I’ve seen people let their animals poop on the floor and not pick it up.

  2. So if I declare my hand-grenade an emotional support device, I get to take it onboard airlines, ships, trains, buses, etc.? Now I understand why America is going down the crapper.

  3. I feel that the animal should have an indication. Like a certified vest. Then the owner should make sure the animal does not get any kind of transport sickness. For example one of my dogs get car sick. So yeah just make sure it’s trained and certified and is able to travel.

    And don’t take them everywhere just for fame and attention.

  4. Imagine seeing a guy twitching on the floor with a snake squeezing his neck
    Then you look at his shirt and it says do not touch snake or something

  5. I have a service animals. And yes, I think other then dogs SHOULD be more then just dogs. Some cats and pigs CAN do the same as a dog can.Emotional support animals, service animals, and therapy animals are not the same and do not have the same rights. Like, my dog I do not pay pet rent. Nor would you with a ESA. Therapy? Nope. But ESA and Therapy can not go in to some places. It is up to the place or plane to let them on or not. Service dogs can go everywhere.

  6. If you need an animal maybe you should consider your fellow travelers and not fly. After all why are you so special?

  7. If it’s under a certain weight and trained well then they should allow it especially if it’s a registered service animal.

  8. I am sick of laws saying only dogs can be service animals. Any animal that can be trained to do a service should qualify. As for people who complain about service and support animals, they need to shut up. No one would defend a person who complained about a persons oxygen machine. Those animals are just as important.

  9. I actually have CPTSD and moving out soon and was originally looking for a good breed of dog for that and bare in mind i also have fear of dogs so does anyone know good breed for that?

  10. That’s my anteater in the thumbnail. She was never in a plane seat. Please use a different thumbnail. Thank you.

  11. A kangaroo says "feel better or I’ll kick your ass…come to think of it, I think I’ll kick your ass anyway".
    Same for a duck.

  12. My black mamba, when she is lying in my enemy’s bed, is my "emotion support animal" … 😉

  13. I don’t have an emotional support animal, despite being recommended to get one by my doctor. I just don’t have the capacity to take care of one when I struggle to take care of myself. Instead I have emotional support plants.

  14. I think I want a two-headed RATTLESNAKE as my Emotional Support Animal…..I can take him to ESA conventions and I’m CERTAIN I’ll be accepted…. because I NEED HIM (them?), and he helped me get through some tough times when I ran out of paprika that time…..

  15. what about a GIANT ANACONDA, anyone wanna try that one?:what about a GIANT BIRD EATING SPIDER?What about a HYENA?what about a MOUNTAIN LION/PUMA?what about a WOLF?what about a BEAR?what about an EMU?what about a FERRET?what about a DONKEY?what about an ALLIGATOR?what about a KOMODO DRAGON?I wonder if these would be let on a plane?Wouldn’t it be funny if someone had a PIG and another person has an ANACONDA on the SAME PLANE, and the anaconda tried to attack the pig and constrict the pig whilst in mid flight?and someone filmed it and it went viral, would it get millions of views?

  16. 14 registered llamas in the US? Bruh I grew up with 3 in the back yard. Plus a whole llama farm of like 70 llamas are in the city near my hometown.

  17. If you have a support animal to help with a physical problem, it’s good for you to have one. If you need emotional support, see a doctor.

  18. Omg I love the ducks name. If a kangaroo looked back at me on a flight i would be in heaven. How can you not like kangoos?

  19. You amaze at every turn! You show a parakeet and label it a parrot then do the same thing to a cockatoo ‼️

  20. People are going stupid and makes me feel sorry for airlines that have to put up with this stupidity to avoid being sued

  21. I have a boa constrictor. A boa constrictor is NOT the smallest breed of boa’s. IT IS THE LARGEST species of all of the boa species reaching from 6 foot to over 10-16 feet. If its a true red tail boa it’s going to get BIG! Furthermore the short clip filming him with a snake around his neck(if it’s him) it’s not a boa, It’s a Ball python which is one of the smaller species of python. Get your facts strait!

  22. Lol my suport animal should be my pet bird but he’s not the outside type so the wild birds are kinda my suport animals

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