Today’s video is informing you on the basics of a mouse diet. Hope you enjoy and find it helpful 🙂 x


  1. It’s a fucken mouse ay. What u think they eat in the wild. None of that shit haha, I don’t think they care how much protein is in there

  2. My grandma is getting me mice in a couple of months because I’ve been talking about them. But I’ve got to re-research for anything I’ve forgotten.

  3. Awesome video this is super healpful! I’ve been doing TONS of research! I’ve already got bedding a food but I’m getting everything else in 3 days and getting my 2 female mice in 6! I actually found out my food is a littttle bit high in protein and a little low in fibre, but worst part is that I thought it was a mix and when I read it had corn at the pet shop I figured I could pick it out but then I opened it and found out it was pellets so I can’t take the corn out! Butt it’s a small bag so when it’s used up I will get a much better feed that I’ll slowly introduce them to and I’m going to be adding stuff to tthere feed like you mentioned in the video such as pasta, flax, oats a berries as much as I can so I’m not completely feeding them that food especially the pasta and oat as my feed is a litttle low in fibre and there going to get a small piece of veg each once a day. Also this is my routine so if anyone wants to give me some tips or feedback or anything else I need to include in my daily routine please let me know bc I’d love to know as much info as I can
    Morning: top up feed and fill water
    Afternoon: Very small piece of veg each, top up feed and spot clean
    Night: top up food and water if needed
    1-2x per week: full clean and health check.
    Also I have been looking in rescues for a long time but can’t get any. So I’m gettting them from a pet store but they don’t breed there mice in cruel mills and such they have people breed them under regulations at there house and then bring them to the store. They are also super strict in making sure they sell them to the right people and don’t give false info like tiny cages etc. Soryy for SUPER long comment I’m just soo excited

  4. Okay so you’re saying you keep their bowl of food full all the time? They’ll manage how much they need as long as there is food in there

  5. I have a question!!! One of my Cats brought home a yellow necked mouse that I can’t let out into the wild again because it’s winter right now and it might not find it’s den and winter food reserves again (Also the neighborhood is brimming with cats). So I decided to provide it shelter and food until it is warm enough outside that it can provide for itself again. My question is, can a wild mouse get used to a water bottle or should I continue to provide just a small bowl of water that I clean daily? I informed myself and I’m trying to stick to a diet similar to what the mouse would find in my area mixed with a bit of pet mouse food and the occasional bit of cat-food, so I was fairly confident that I’m good with food but I’m glad I know now that I should give the mouse sugary foods like little bits of apple or fresh berries too often. Thank you for all the helpful information, it’s greatly appreciated.

  6. If I mix oxbow and Reggie rat and take the corn out of the Reggie rat will that be a good food for my mouse?

  7. omg i dont have a mouse but i realy want one i have picked out evry thing and now i now what i am going to feed my mouse

  8. Mice can literally sustain themselves on literally anything just feed them whatever’s in the fridge

  9. Ma’m can I have help one of my mice are fat and won’t run on the wheel I don’t know what to do my I have help?

  10. So I recently got two mice only cause my little sister wanted one and I wasn’t fully informed on them I knew a lot when it came too like cage setups and such but not so much about there diet. I use kaytee only because it’s what they used at the pet store plus I didn’t have much options too begin with but I’ll definitely have too look into something else but my mouse Trivia (my sisters mouse is Mitsuki, we have two females) anyways Trivia really loves Spaghetti Noodles just plain cooked noodles. I love watching her eat it’s super cute

  11. I just started surprise fostering some mice and I’m not sure what age they are i think they are around six months but I’m not sure do you have any tips?

  12. Hey peachy I need your help cuz I found the proper pellets(Mazuri rat and mouse diet) but I can’t find a good mix because they’re all Kaytee or their not on your list so please help if you see this and thanks for everything

  13. I’m super excited! I’ve been researching mice for years, and my parents finally said they’ll consider it! Thanks so much for all your detailed mouse videos!!

  14. When my friends come over they always ask me if im watching PEACHYPWTPARADISE again, and i say “Hell yeah?! She’s the most helpful youtuber out there?!”

  15. Omg thank you so much I might get a mouse or 2 in 2018-2019-or-2020.. Can’t Wait!! I’m doing sooo much research and this helps because I don’t know what brand is healthy for them/her.

  16. hey peachy I have quetion… There is one food called Cunipic Mouse food and do you think it´s good for a mouse? Thank you for this video xoxo

  17. —–PLEASE ANSWER ASAP —- is multifit food for mice/gerbils/rats good? The nurtitional info says :
    Protein 15.5%
    Fat 6.5%
    Crude fibre 10%
    Crude ash 3.2%
    I know some of these are over the amount they should get, but if I mix it with my homemade mix of dry cherries , cheerios, flax seeds, split peas, dried mango, pasta, oats, and other seeds. Would this he OK? I have to buy blocks as well. Is this comerical mix, mixed with my own, suitable for a mouse over 6months?

  18. I can’t wait till I have enough money for mice:) I’m very excited, and thanks for the video I think I’ll try to mix about of the food u suggested with oats and flax seeds

  19. I always used very tiny treats for training, broken up dry cat food, dehydrated fruit or vegetables or bits of whole grain Cheerios as treats when I trained. Also it’s so much more beneficial for them to scatter feed with mice versus other rodents.

  20. Tysm this helped me so much because of your videos I’m allowed to get s mouse you gave me more than the proper knowledge and I’m so grateful

  21. I really love your mice videos, which is something I am kinda missing on youtube. I recently started my own channel and I hope my mice videos will be as good as yours!

  22. just gonna point this out because I noticed it :0
    Tropical carnival rat and mouse food has 10% fat, which is double the recommended amount- and more fat than what any of the kaytee rat and mouse food brands contain
    Mazuri rat and mouse has 22% protein, which is a higher protein percentage than any other mouse food on the market that I know about, which can be very dangerous and lead o hot spots on mice

  23. I was getting a hamster, but the cage I got is too small for them but big enough for a mouse. I have hamster food could I use it for mice? ( Higgins Sunburst and Mazuri 2 tablespoons)

  24. i’m so excited because i love your channel and i needed this video because i just got a mouse! his name is boba and he is in a 40 gallon breeder tank with TONS of toys, but i wanted to give him the best possible diet.

  25. This is all well and good and very helpful but what I’ve been finding difficult to find is how much and how often to feed mice? Like a cup a day? A cup every morning and night? More? Less? I don’t know, I’ve been trying to find it but I just can’t seem to

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