Moving to London with a Dog | Best Areas & Things to Do

Moving to London with a Dog | Best Areas & Things to Do

Check out my latest video to find out about living in London with a dog. London is a great and dynamic city with plenty of pet friendly places. This video highlights some of the best areas for a dog. So if you are thinking of moving to London with a dog or pet, make sure to watch so you don’t miss a thing. Make sure to download by Guide to London to discover the best areas and things to do in this fabulous city.


Gaucho Hampstead Doggy Brunch

Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s

Pavilion Tea Room

Andrew Edmunds, Soho

Where to Eat with Your Dog


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I’m a London based property agent Having moved over from America, I love helping my clients find the perfect home and discovering this fabulous city. Whether it’s the countless fantastic museums, beautiful parks, strolls along the Thames or incredible restaurants and eateries, London has so much to offer.

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  1. Do you think London is big-dog friendly? Here in Colorado, we’re such a dog-friendly state that rescues from other states send dog’s here for adoption. I don’t picture London being THAT dog friendly (total ignorance on my part I’m SURE)…just curious what tendencies you see

  2. Such helpful info- those "four legged furry" friends are important members of the fam!

  3. Don’t know about ordering food off the menu for my dog, but nice to see so many pet friendly options and places for them to stretch their legs! Thanks Ugo!

  4. Of course, I would bring my dog if I were moving to London. And now, thanks to you Ugo, I know the ins and outs of the who process. Thanks, friend!

  5. Some gorgeous pics in this vid! I can’t wait to get to London one day! Great vid for us dog lovers! Thx! 🙂

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