Mr Pet Supplies -Get Great Things for Your Pet On The Net

Mr Pet Supplies -Get Great Things for Your Pet On The Net

Mr. Pet Supplies and Accessories

Whether you need dog, cat, bird, fish small animal or even reptile supplies, you will find what you need within our quality selection of pet supplies everything you need for a happy, healthy pet, including dog food, cat food, fish tanks, bird cages and other children’s pet supplies like Nemo, Dora and Sponge Bob.

Cool Pet Supplies for kids, like these items listed below

Sponge Bob Nuwave Tank
Dora Pirate Adventure Tank Kit
Finding Nemo Big Eye Aquarium
Dora Hermit Crab Kit
Here and There small unit
Hamster mini deluxe
2 story rain forest jungle unit

We also carry these items as well Pet Supplies, Dogs, Cats, Fish Aquariums, Birds, Reptiles, Turtles, Hermit Crabs, Lizards, Small Animals, Hamsters,Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Nickelodeon themed, Sponge Bob, Dora, Nemo

Community and Aggressive Fish

Some species of fish are more aggressive by nature and others are more peaceful. In some stores, they are organized community and aggressive fish by section.

Community fish can coexist peacefully with members of their own species and other species of similar size. Examples of Community Fish are; Tetras, Mollies, Platies, goldfish, Aggressive fish are aggressive toward their own species and/or other species, regardless of their size. Examples of Aggressive Fish are; African Cichlids,South American Cichlids, Oscars, Devils,
There are levels of peacefulness and aggressiveness that exist within these two classifications. Depending on the environment and whether they are provoked, an aggressive-type fish may never exhibit aggressive behavior. Much of a fish’s behavior depends on its relative size compared to other fish in the aquarium. Larger fish tend to intimidate smaller fish, making the small fish more aggressive.

Live bearers or Egg bearers

Fish that do not lay eggs, but produce live baby fish, are called live bearers. Once the babies are born, they do not need to be taken care of by their parents. Baby fish do, however, need an environment where they can hide and protect themselves from bigger fish. Examples of live bearers are guppies, platies and mollies.

Fish that lay eggs and fertilize them outside of their body are called egg bearers. Unlike livebearer baby fish, egg bearer baby fish rely on their parents for food and protection.

Dog Supplies, Dog Accessories and Dog Supplies.

Every proud pet parent remembers the joy and excitement of first welcoming their dog to their family and home. In addition to the time and affection you give your precious new pup, be sure to provide him with dog supplies that promote adequate growth and development, as well as dog products that are vital to keeping his teeth, coat, ears and paws clean. When shopping for dog supplies, be sure to pick up the essentials, such as flea & tick control, collars and leashes, food and water bowls, as well as a healthy and well-balanced dog food. If your dog is teething, surround him with chew toys and irresistible dog accessories to keep him focused on things other than your furniture. Also, be sure to ask your veterinarian about dietary supplements, medication and other types of dog products, especially if your dog has a special condition.

Cat Houses, Cat Furniture and Supplies

Proud cat parents would do almost anything to ensure the health and longevity of their favorite feline family members-from providing them with a well-balanced diet and plenty of water to cozy cat furniture, effective flea and tick control as well as a clean and fresh litter box. Just as you enjoy the privacy of your own home as well as the warmth of your own bed, cat houses provide the same appeal for cats as they need their own private place to sleep. Having a preference for quiet and peaceful places that they can call their own, cats can find comfort from various cat houses available. Maintaining an active yet stress-free lifestyle is also important which is why cats need a regular exercise routine. Cat trees satisfy your cat’s need to hunt and climb, while giving him plenty of exercise and stress relief. Along with satisfying their natural inclination to scratch, cat trees also help to keep your frisky felines from clawing up your furniture. Encourage the natural instincts of your cats with cat furniture made specifically for them.

Find the Right Bird Cages for Your Birds

From caring for an entertaining to a pair of cheerful canaries, ensuring proper bird care is imperative in maintaining their health and longevity. With many bird cages and stands available in various sizes, from accommodating finches to Amazon parrots, you’re bound to find the right cage for your pet bird. Whether you have finches, a large parrot or lovebirds, be sure it’s spacious enough to promote exercise and activity. Promote a long and healthy life for your birds with the right bird cages.

Equip Your Small Animal Cages with an Exercise Wheel and Various Cage Supplies to Maintain Healthy and Happy Pets

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