Must Have Accessories for Current and Future Griddle Owners

Must Have Accessories for Current and Future Griddle Owners

If you are buying a Griddle or if you already have one, these are some must have items you will need to fully enjoy being a griddle owner it. Its like batteries for that new remote control car you got for Christmas. If your parents did not think to get them , well then the shiny new remote control car wont be much fun. lol. Hope you enjoy . Below are some links to products we mentioned. We are Amazon affiliates so by using our links you are supporting our channel. Ty

The links below are for the ESSENTIALS:

Griddle Scraper:
Squirt Bottles:
Blackstone Hard Cover:
Meat Probe:
Grab a spare propane tank, paper towels and deck carpet at Home Depot

The links below are for the “NICE TO HAVE”
Tool Caddy:
Butter Roller:
Bacon Press:
Steam Cover:
Knife Sharpener:
Griddle Surround:

We are amazon affiliates. Thank you for using out links.


  1. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MATT! I think it’s great to see you on camera! Hope your channel takes off like crazy! Take care Matt, from w. KS and a BIG BRONCO fan! 🙂 Great to see you guys include your kids! Take care, AL

  2. Great video guys! Just got a two burner Blackstone from Walmart and it does have somewhat of a hard cover attached…….perfect size for the wife and I

  3. Nemco bun butterer Amazon $88.00.. Looks just like the one you use. Check it out. Like the videos guys.

  4. Happy Father’s Day Guys. I would add magnetic paper towel holder to the list. it sits on the surround shelf of the 36" & I add it to my 2 burner Blackstone griddle on the front door. I couldn’t use the holder that the griddle came with because it blocks my doggie door. LOL, I got the paper towel holder on Amazon $13.50 well worth it with the amount of paper towels I use & have the towels at my fingertips.

  5. French Baguette French Toast.
    Prosciutto and provolone on Italian round bread.

    Happy Fathers Day to all pops out there.

  6. Griddle mat … yes! I went to wallyworld and got a piece of heavy duty plastic carpet runner. Easy to clean and non slip.

  7. Great video guys – can’t forget the pancake batter dispenser as a ‘nice to have’ .. I have to agree with you on the soft cover.. not sure if it’s condensation or what, but there’s always water on my griddle when I remove it.

  8. Got a blue Rhino a couple weeks ago for my Father’s Day/Bday. I have already fell in love with the freakin thing! Thanks guys for the vids!

  9. I live in Florida It rains ALOT. My blackstone soft cover works GREAT! Its reinforced at the corners. I do use a small metal bucket under the cover to help water run off.

  10. Also, you must use arlo security cameras because I hear a motion alert at the 6:12 mark, which made me think someone walked by my security cameras. Lol, or a phone alert.

  11. Great video. I am looking for a griddle for “me” for Father’s Day. I’m looking at the Black Stone 22” table top mostly because of the ease for camping.
    Thanks MUCH!!!

  12. My new Blackstone 28” arrives in two days, and I never thought about a rug underneath. Very wise.

  13. Nice job guys, I found it helpful. My additions to your list would be Bar Towels, a small level and a fire extinguisher.

  14. I would recommend grease trap inserts. If you can’t find them, you can use disposable mini loaf pans. This is essential!

  15. You guys need to sell grill aprons and pot holders with your logo on them. I prefer embroidery. Thanks Rich

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