Must Have Landscape Lighting Tools & Accessories

Must Have Landscape Lighting Tools & Accessories – In this video I will discuss a few must have landscape lighting tools for beginners and experienced veterans. Get your Free Online Landscape Lighting Video Consultation by sending an email to with Pictures of Your Property or Subscribe at…

Still Got Questions about Low Voltage Landscape Lighting? Try one of these videos Below:

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How to Wire Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Troubleshooting Poor Connections?

How do I calculate Voltage Drop?

How Deep or How do I bury my Cable? or

How do I Tunnel under my Sidewalk?

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3 Things You Should Know about Landscape Lighting –

More Tools & Materials for Landscape Lighting
Individual Landscape Lighting:
BVS2 Snap Lock Connectors:
DBRY Connectors:
Landscape Lighting 150 Watt Transformer & Wiring Kit:
Easy Tree Mount Stakes (Down Lighting)
King Innovation Insta-Light:
250ft Roll 12/2 Low Voltage Direct Burial Cable:

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  1. The two pronged wire poker is : Weed Remover. The lever action pulls the weeds, roots and all. Go to garden center, you will find it there.

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