My experiences having a guide dog and using public transportation

My experiences having a guide dog and using public transportation

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Hello everyone,
Roxy and I use may modes of transportation. It is important for me to have this level of independence. My husband drives and we all pile up in the car but when I want to go shopping , go to work, doctor appointments with out the hubbie, this is what I use. I hope you all enjoy. I also have at the end of the video, a bonus Vlog showing Roxy when she is off harness. You can definitely tell the difference between her work mode and puppy life:) I will time stamp the video below.
Walking with Roxy on harness: 2:09 – 2:49
Using a Uber: 3:12 – 5:47
Using Paratransit: 5:52
Bonus Vlog footage/Roxy off the harness: 10:41
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Resources if you also live in Columbus, Ohio:
Cota Mainstream application for paratransit:
Uber information about service animals:
Lyft information about service animals:

Lyft: User Guide for Riders with Services Animals

If you meet the eligibility requirement and interested in getting a guide dog: This school accepts students globally: Pilot Dogs, Inc

Guide Dog FAQs

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