1. SCUBA stands for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. In some situations it stands for Some Come Up Barely Alive.
    I’ve been diving most of my younger years. When you’re 60 to 100 feet under the surface you are as close to DEATH as you can possibly be. It’s both exciting and scary as anything.

  2. i wonder how old his grandparents were when they immigrated that they never learned english?! were they already elderly & came over with their adult children?!

  3. Love this guy and I swear if u close your eyes and listen to him talk you’d swear you were hearing Adam Sandler…

  4. I’m gonna be that Italian grandma soon one day!
    This arthritis’s no fxxking joke, till now…hahahah

  5. Im sicilian, born and raised, i now live overseas, I hope my grandkids one day will rember me like Sebastian does.

    Btw, I bet everyone from central and south america, to southern europe to north africa, midddle east and asia minor, will relate to this

  6. Growing up we used to go to an Italian Pizza restaurant when we were teenagers.
    However even though we were customers the old Lady owner held us to the strictest behavior which she held.
    I can’t tell you how many times we ordered a Pizza to eat in and the next thing we knew we were thrown out on the sidewalk to eat it outside.

  7. I’ve only recently found Sebastian. He’s my new favorite comedian. I’ve never laughed out loud like this before.

  8. I Miss My Gramma, Mama N Granpa, even though I wasn’t born when He was alive. I Miss hIm from when I did know whim b4… Gotta love the Sicilians… Lol 😉

  9. Sebastian ability to convey such raw human emotion and experiences in unparalleled. On another note I love that blue leather jacket!

    Mystic RS

  10. My Mother – famous quote —— _’You can go swimming – but if you come home drowned —- I will KILL YOU’_

  11. i remember my italian neighbour as a kid…30+ years in australia and :"no speaka inglish" but what a tomato patch he had.

  12. Imagine going to private school and never going on the trips to France, England or Spain. It was me and 1 other black girl who stayed behind for what seemed like 2 weeks. Devastatingly sad.

  13. Dutree..comosi apa. Sido my Minka my floor to the left to be shy besha bedo
    Who do ti shitiititiititi sukakakakakak budoododododoodod ti shitititi na…

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