My Manager & I Play Truth or Drink (Elle Mills) | Truth or Drink | Cut

My Manager & I Play Truth or Drink (Elle Mills) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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About Truth or Drink:
Friends, strangers, and everyone in between choose between the cold hard truth or a nice stiff drink.

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My Manager & I Play Truth or Drink (Elle Mills) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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  1. Why so many YouTubers?? This platform is supposed to reach everyone and it’s turned into people who make money already to collaborate with people who have money.

  2. Sooooo I was curious to who this person was. googled them, watched legitimately 30 seconds of their "Moving out of my hometown" and I instantly subscribed. Elle is hysterical

  3. Wow shit rich people can just blow $65 000 in 6h, that could literally be life changing for someone living in poverty… we live in a messed up society

  4. this girl is from my city, has 1.8 million subscribers and I’ve never heard of her or even seen her anywhere before. Considering people know everyone here that’s impressive.

  5. alcohol abuse is not good ive gone through it didnt care about what anybody thinked about me i started drinking when i was 13 by 16 i was bad alcoholic i stopped now that im 22 ive abused drugs cocaine and cigarette smoking for years it is now affecting my health and ive been sober for weeks now and i realized i have to find what makes me happy without those negative things and people in my life and im happier and my pockets are swollen now . peopl like to hide behind these substances and act like everything is okay is not go to the doctor about your anxiety and depression and talk to someone that will listen and understand and atleast guide you a little bit change to love your self

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