My Morning Pet Care Routine with 40+ Pets!

My Morning Pet Care Routine with 40+ Pets!

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In todays video I give you guys a look at what my morning pet care routine is like! Every single day is different, so this just happens to be what i chose to do on this particular day. Most of my daily pet care usually happens in the evenings, but there’s still stuff that needs to be done in the morning, so I figured I would show that to you guys!

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  1. Me: Do I really want to watch 5 minutes of ads?
    Also me: Emma worked so hard for this, it’s only five minutes anyway.

  2. The jewelry thing was so weird…you were talking so fast and you were so jerky…maybe it was just the editing but man…take a breath.

  3. since you’re all here for animals not jewelry (everyone skipped thru that sponsor so I hope it was worth the money) video starts at 3:50 you’re welcome

  4. Love love LOVE the rack system you’ve got going on there. I wish i was that handy. But your reptile room looks gorgeous. 🙂

  5. Hey Emma where do you buy the 50lb box of Timothy hay? I have two rabbits and two Guinea Pigs and that would save me sooo much money. I haven’t seen a 50lb in any of the pet stores near my house

  6. so wish you could come over and give my reptile room a makeover and organize , you have it done well im up to 34 reptiles mostly geckos

  7. Where Can I get a good light for a leopard gecko? I will have a heat mat under the tank but idk where to get a good light for during the day. Also do they need any type of light during night time?

  8. Ik am late but I need to say something never ever get a pet if you dont jnow how to take care of it my uncle got a vailed chameleon and he didn’t have all the proper care I went over every single day and took care of her and she died beacuse of uncle so it’s a life lesson DO NOT get a pet if you dont know what your doing or dont do it for the fun of it please do not do that it makes the pet you want very unhealthy and vary un happy

  9. Ok this can’t just be me. But this girl looks like a virtual person like her mouth moves in a way that’s almost machanical but idk lol

  10. Sushi is definitely not a super snow leopard gecko! I mean even hatchlings have spots usually, they get a lot lighter as they age but we can see spots on them

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