my new cat & home decor

my new cat & home decor

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In today’s vlog, I introduce my new cat Beverly, get my make up done, take graduation pics, go to Malibu with Blair and continue to decorate my house.
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  1. Nicolette, you should get another kitten. Cats get lonely by themselves while ur out. We have two cats and they are always cuddling, grooming each other

  2. Hey Nicolette if your reading this just know I will always support you no matter what don’t be sad about people hating because they don’t even have a life that’s why they comment in every videos u post just ignore them they are losing not you ily hope u reply and see if you actually cared

  3. I recommend getting second kitten also (or keeping the sister) <3 so they’ll mentally stimulate and entertain each other. So she won’t become bored and lonely, which can lead to “acting out”.

  4. Ur supposed to use a screwdriver to put in the wall, not a hammer. That’s why there’s rigged lined type on the screwd

  5. The full picture is never seen truth be told 🙂 but thanks for clarification cause I know a lot of us didn’t know and had no idea what you went through.

  6. Is she will keep the cat or give away like the dog? She think they are toys and doesn’t show much respect to the pets.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with rehoming Bentley if you believed that you couldn’t give Bentley the best you possibly could, thats and amazing thing because most people just neglect their dogs. And people rehome dogs all the time it’s just not for the world to see.

  8. Take it from me. 2 cats is the way to go. Even if it sounds crazy. Having 2 cats prevents 1 cat from ruining all your couches and clothes from needing. And it makes them a lot happier too.

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