My Top 10 Most Common Dog Food Ingredients

My Top 10 Most Common Dog Food Ingredients

Homemade dog food is becoming a very popular method for feeding our canine companions. Some owners are looking to provide top quality nutrition, while others are using a homemade diet to help with certain health conditions. Either way, the most common homemade dog food ingredients are easily available, affordable and provide some really amazing health benefits. Read the full guide here:

Cooking homemade dog food is an easy way to add extra nutrition to your pup’s food, but it’s also a good way to provide enticing meals for picky eaters. Keep your dog’s preferences in mind. If he doesn’t like some of the ingredients on this list, do some research to look for an equally healthy substitute.

“When you skip on organ meats, you’ll have to stuff your dog’s homemade food with more artificial supplements to create a well-balanced meal. Protein aside, organ meats will also supply your pooch with the most essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, B vitamins and folate.”


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