My trip to PetSmart!

My trip to PetSmart!

Yesterday I went on a road trip with my dad. Along the way, we stopped at a PetSmart and I decided to vlog for you all so you can see the cute animals too! I hope you enjoy this video and as always, thank you for watching and leaving your comments. Bye! 🙂 P.s. This was filmed with my Sony Handycam DSC-HX5
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  1. So if you are confused about the name
    The name of the pet shop would have two ss’s in petsmart
    So it would be like this:Petssmart

  2. Can I have a question? Where does Pets Mart location are? I’m from Phillipines I want to go to pets mart and buy some accessories for my dog where are pets mart location are? Thanks from Phillipines here

  3. No hate to this channel at all but please do not support Petsmart, do not purchase animals or anything for that matter from there, they get their animals from mass suppliers and they live in horrific conditions, and don’t get the vet care they need. this video goes more in depth- by giving them money we are letting this torture continue, there are so many animals in rescues that need homes as well. Please educate yourself and those around you and don’t let this hell continue. Every animal deserves better then what petsmart provides, I hope everyone has a good day, stay safe

  4. August 2019 I’m going to America for a vacation for 12 weeks and I’m going to petsmart to get me 2 dogs

  5. The animals are really cute but they need to go back to their habitat ,the cages are too small for them their deserve a big space for living ,if you love animals please leave them free

  6. My grandpa wont let me get a chinchilla because he said if i want a chinchilla go adopt the rats in the basement (i live in the country so i have a lot of rats)

  7. I love all your vibes and this one I was wondering if you could tell me some facks about my robodworf named chick pea

  8. 3:44 I know this is an old video but for those watching oxbow should never be fed to hamsters, you should mix a high variety seed mix with a high protein pellet.

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