My very first order from YESSTYLE is here (ft. K-beauty and Kittu cat)

My very first order from YESSTYLE is here (ft. K-beauty and Kittu cat)

Hello errrrybody.. this was my very first order from Yesstyle and overall my experience ordering from YESSTYLE went quite well.
Although the package took more than a month to arrive but it felt like a surprise gift from me to me..

Originally I wanted to order clothes, such as oversized Tshirts and some cute cargo pants etc from Yesstyle but then decided to buy things I actually needed so that I can test out the shopping & shipping experience, at least.

I have linked all the items below – this video is not sponsored by YESSTYLE or any other products mentioned and I purchased everything wiz my own dolllaaaazz… Also since I am posting this a week or so after actually using the products, I have left some of my reviews below:

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Bucket Hat ( Really good quality for the price and I like the shape a lot)

Pony Effect eye shadow palette (Haven’t tried this yet)

Innisfree Microcara (Absolutely love this, does not clump or flake – and you can layer it for a more defined look otherwise I use it for my subtle everyday makeup)

Whitening soap (It is helping my spots, leaves you squeaky clean, quite literally so make sure to use a lot of moisturizer after it)

COSRX Snail cream ( It feels funny at first because of the sticky texture but it’s definitely hydrating and very light on the skin)

Faux leather bag (Love it, looks well made and sleek – although it does not have a lot of space though but since I usually only carry my phone, wallet and keys – it’s more than enough for that)

Plastic bag sealer (Haven’t tried this either)

Silicon dishwashing gloves (I think I could have gotten better ones, or I just need to get used to them, but they dont feel as comfortable as I expected)

Laniege Lip sleeping mask (Super cute packaging, lovely smell and it feels great on the lips. Definitely hydrating but it does have a slightly heavier feel to it than i’d like – like gloss but creamier if ykwim)

Foot mask (Haven’t tried)

Okiiii that’s all chumm chummsss


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