Naaz Aquarium Fish Shop

Naaz Aquarium Fish Shop

Here is the Naaz Aquarium Fish Shop.

The Naaz aquarium fish shop is one of the most popular aquarium fish shop located in kurla dealing in a wide aquarium fish varieties.

The fish shop deals in various freshwater fish, exotic fish and tropical fish.

Naaz aquarium fish shop also deals in aquarium accessories at their second shop.

Naaz aquarium fish shop also deals in aquarium products at their third shop.

Naaz aquarium deals in wholesale as well as retail of aquarium fish.

In this video we get to watch the newly arrived fish stock of the fish shop.

We go through each and every fish tank to watch the varieties.

The seller also mentions the fish price of every aquarium fish.

Naaz aquarium fish shop delivers aquarium fish to all over India.

Contact No. Arman :- 8898557587 Parvez :- 9137940661

Address :- Nehru Nagar, S. G. Barve Marg, Kurla East, Mumbai.

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The aquarium fish covered
Blue angel fish
Scar angel fish
Shubunkin gold fish
Koi fish
Albino shark fish
Black shark fish
Betta fish
Leopard angel fish
Redcap gold fish
Tiger oscar fish
Silver arowana fish
Common gold fish
Marble angel fish
Golden gourami fish
Blue gourami fish
White gourami fish
Serpae tetra fish
Neon tetra fish
Red parrot fish
Albino oscar fish
Marble swordtail fish
Black ghost fish
Silver dollar fish
Hockey tetra fish
Severum fish
Blackmoor gold fish
Guppy fish
Flowerhorn fish
Scat fish
Tiger barb fish


  1. Hi nice shop good collection… feeling so sad oldest Rosy Barb is missing in the tank..I am not able to find ..I checked everywhere…

  2. Sir do anyone sell molly fish baby in Kurla market please let me know the price of 3 month old baby molly fish in your next video I will wait for your reply

  3. Bro why are my fishes are dying , I clean the filter , gave medicine still my goldfish , red cap and other fishes are not living atleast 15 days

  4. bhai me pakistan se hu or yaha pr rate boht zyada hai fish ka yaha pr parrot fish ka pare 1500 ka hai flower horn ka 650 k hai waha pr boht sasty me fish milti hain

  5. Hi bro will this shop have canister filters and will he be able to send it Karnataka please reply with proper response thanks.

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