Nate Bargatze Stand-Up

Nate Bargatze Stand-Up

Nate Bargatze returns to The Tonight Show and talks about the origin story of his family name and the time someone got his coffee order very wrong.

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Nate Bargatze Stand-Up


  1. Hey you’re my long-lost Tucson twin brother! We’re identical twins! Sucks to be me because you sound like a real douchebag during your comedy routine! When you say drink milk publicly is that being broadcasted from hidden cameras publicly? I’m not adult enough to get the link. Maybe when I turn 20 not very funny keep working on it

  2. Fornication? Not a problem? Adultery? Again, no problem? Really? Just don’t get caught, that’s the answer? This right here is what’s wrong w/America.

  3. eh, he was alright..compared to just watching Dusty Slay,…the rap crap at the end ruined it tho.. ‘uh uh uh knowing knowing it uh uh uh’!?

  4. I listened to his Netflix special while driving home and now I’m going to have to steam clean my seat bc I laughed so hard through the whole thing that I peed my pants a little. For me that is the greatest compliment I can ever give a comedian!!!! Made my hour commute fun for me, but probably very confusing to the other drivers that just saw a woman driver laughing hysterically and wiping her eyes at the same time. He is awesome

  5. I swear I was in tears lmao I haven’t laughed that hard in forever i have to check this guy out on Spotify.

  6. I have three legs too like the bank robber. Oh, excuse me. I gotta run. My wife wants sex again for the hundredth time in the last hour.

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