Hi guys, went to the new pet market in Dubai today. Amazing place to visit with friends and family. Do check it out and please subscribe.


  1. OMG Thats where I bought my kitten 2 weeks ago!! But it was at a place called Natural Pet and my kitten costed from 1,500 to 1,700 dirhams!! They have 3 kittens I think now

  2. It is disgusting to promote buying and selling animals. Animals are not for our amusement so please delete this video. Only uneducated and selfish people want to take part of this.

  3. Good morning my name is sharfuddin Shaikh I love parrot I want for job dubai plz help me my contacts no 09867213638 I’m Indian Muslim my passport is OK plz help me

  4. In my birthday My mom will take me to that shop and pick a dog like a fluffy dog so she said she doesn’t know where the place is I told her it’s in dubai but we don’t know the location please send me the location it would be so nice.

  5. duddde immmma gonna cry right now someone please tell me what that place is called all my fav doggys are there!!!!!!!

  6. Nice video. I went to check this place out after I saw your video! Thanks a lot. I went a week back (video in that in my channel – please watch). The bird show was amazing. Apart from the heat everything was nice. Kids enjoyed it. Thanks.

  7. just because some ppl say you need a villa to have a dog is not true. i have researched before getting my dog and they said beagles tend to howl a lot and it can disturb the neighbours if you live in an apartment. i have my beagle for 11 years now and he doesnt howl a lot and yes i do take him out 3 times a day

  8. The location is
    Write Happy paws in google maps then it will give you the location zoom in happy paws then you see a lot of pet stores

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