New York City doctor: ‘The things that I see in the ER are scary’

New York City doctor: ‘The things that I see in the ER are scary’

Matthew Bai, a physician at Mt. Sinai Queens Hospital, shows what it’s like inside an emergency room overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. In a video diary filmed on March 30, he describes the pressure he and his colleagues are working under, and what keeps them going. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. A lot of doctors are misinformed in the most amount of fear comes right out of the hospitals I got two kids at work and emergency 60 nurses didn’t show up for a shift 60 but it still 1% of people that die just one percent and that comes from the world health organization

  2. There should be a law against over 8 hour shifts for these doctors and nurses…I make mistakes after 8 hours I’m sure most of them can also

  3. You should press very hard all around and make sure there is no leaking of air when you put your N95 mask on your face. Be safe and take care!

  4. I worked security in a psychiatric hospital before. Felt like going into a war zone every morning. I quit after 17 months on the job.

  5. These are the guys you need to give medal of honour to this year. On second note, stop spending so much on military!!!

  6. They deleted my comment last night (the LYING SAPS)! Wake up! Don’t y’all find it strange that they are locking up the whole fricking world over a virus that has SARS characteristics and HIV capacity?! All this? Why is medicine allowing this lie to go this far? This is not how these assessments, diagnoses and treatments are supposed to be! People aren’t isolated for a fever! Is this jerk-off a REAL CLINICIAN!?! “Wow is me!” That’s the damned job that all who heed that call are signed up for! Watch your back people…it’s about to go down! Turn to the Most High God before it’s too late to trade up. Don’t you find it strange the ALL of even the “stars” and entertainment industry is in on this facade? The narrative is all about compliance, staying safe, wearing masks, toilet paper and vaccines!? Stop being docile! Wake up!

  7. I pray for this doctor and every health care worker. May God Almighty gives them the strength, wisdom, knowledge and divine protection they need daily. In Jesus’ Name.

  8. Stay strong Matthew Bai, and even though it’s tough to be away from the wife and child, it’s the right thing to do ♥

  9. Thank you for trying the very best of you, your colleagues and also all medical staffs all over the world to come our and save lives.
    Your heroic actions with great care and efforts are very much appreciated.
    Anyway, all of you, please stay healthy and strong. Thanks again for all your helps..

  10. Have faith in GOD dr. remember that you’ll never walk alone because HE will guide you and be with you during these times of uncertainty. Hope springs eternal dr. Stay safe and Godbless!

  11. Respect! Good man! hear what a drastic measures need be taken. Not only physically a warzone by full hospitals but also mentally. Taking precausion in splitting with ones family. 🙁 Heavy but superbrave man! once again Respect!

  12. Thank you for all you do. you and staff are the true heroes! Be safe and thank you for your sacrifice! lots of love. 🙂

  13. And to think these are the Americans getting physically and verbally attacked for "starting this." Asian Americans do not deserve this hate.

  14. I’m sorry for what you have to go through every day but you are helping save lives. Will pray for your safety.

  15. Fake. These people will do anything for attention and likes. Look at me I’m helping by doing my job I signed up for.

  16. If only your government took it serious when the W.H.O. released the information on Jan. 20th after China released the Gnome on Jan. 12. Lots of time to listen to the professionals, but know, Trump has such the Bigglyist Brain, eh?

  17. Massive thank you to all the honest, dedicated, hardworking, selfless, doctors and professionals…especially during times like this.

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