NYC police union president blasts city's liberal leaders over spike in crime

NYC police union president blasts city's liberal leaders over spike in crime

New York City Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch calls city leaders ‘cowards’ in interview with Lawrence Jones. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. I will support de-funding the Police as soon as BLM terrorists demonstrate they can conduct themselves rationally and peacefully. Interesting that they want to tear down the statues of Presidents but sure won’t turn down money with the President’s picture on it. LOL.

  2. That human piece of Satan Scat known as DaBlahhhhzio…needs to be stopped before NYC…one of the Greatest cities in the entire world….becomes a craphole….Jesus…he has No concept of reality…he embraces every Criminal Antidisestablishmentariantistic act performed by these subhuman animals and supports them…shame on all liberals …

  3. 4:45 It’s going to get people killed? It has already done that, how many more need to die before these jackasses wake up? When are the people going to start holding the "board" and the politicians accountable for their actions in getting people killed? They should all be arrested for negligent homicide.

  4. When we have elections, we’re not voting whether or not the Constitution is valid, or whether the laws will be enforced. We’re not voting for an office-holder to have carte blanche power to run the police, including telling the police to stand down while being attacked and allow crimes to be committed right in front of them… If a Republican became mayor of Chicago and protected&encouraged growing violent mobs attacking abortion clinics so that no one could use those services, I’m sure the Demonrat scum-of-the-earth wouldn’t be using the "Elections have consequences" excuse. They would demand the mayor be arrested and thrown out of office.

  5. Love how the mayor and governors are on board with defunding the police and standing with the rioters , yet they have police cars sitting outside their homes .. get your self a social worker that can protect you clowns

  6. Where are the statistics that show there is any validity that crime or prevention of is a direct result of the number of police officers or their budget ? Some guy rambling on tv is just some guy rambling on tv and that might be how public employees do business, but not the real business world. Facts, more facts and double check again before you invest money.

  7. DeBlasio is a commie scumbag out to take down the country starting with Manhattan. Watch him win another election.

  8. Contrary to what one woman said the people on the street are policing their own, it’s really just "Criminals gone wild"!

  9. It’s time to keep defunding the police and take away the powers they have. We need to disarm all police.

  10. so the liberals/antifa turned NYC into a wild west with sheriff riding a wooden horse.
    Wonder who favors this as sure thing you can’t catch criminals with just your imagination.

  11. Oh wait,,, You say crimes are skyrocketing and you dont feel safe anymore? Maybe defunding the people who risk thier lives everyday to save yours was bad idea.

  12. Newt York will become new Afghanistan soon these cuomos dumblasio they all gotta fucken go they are ruining our country

  13. Why protect the mayor who doesn’t protect the police if you cut the budget by a billion dollars tell them then when cutting the police who protect him

  14. I thought the last election was the most important, THIS ELECTION IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.

  15. The young people who are driving the lawlessness are becoming lifetime criminals and will not enjoy any level of the opportunity this country offers! There will be greater poverty and suicides among this group of ignorant people who have no clue what it takes to build something. Selfish Liberal Democrat politicians and poor parenting are at the root of the cause and the fuel to the fire . WE NEE DTRUM[P AND LIKE-MINDED AMERICANS TO TAKE THE LEAD ON RETURNING THIS COUNTRY TO A GREAT AND PROUD NATION!

  16. Nyc needs more police and less politicans… Ban cnn… Ban reverend al sharpton… Ban aoc… Problem solved

  17. HERE IS ANOTHER IDEA for those who want to take what is not earned!!…such as BLM, their followers, and a large number of today’s millennials: GIVE THEM LAND IN THE MIDDLE OF KANSAS, OKLAHOMA, OR WEST TEXAS AND HOUSING ON A RESERVATION…build a wall around it and let them enjoy the TYPE OF "Freedom" they think they want. Once a week we can drop a bag of FREE rice and their drugs of choice. Lets see how that goes

  18. Hey does anyone remember Batman the dark night and the dark night rises? Yeah that’s NY currently due to mass retardation.

  19. Bill DeBlasio has blood on his hands as a result of his policies and incompetence , he should be remove from office for dereliction of duty, what a disgrace of a " Man"

  20. NY, Cali, Oregon. All turning into 3rd world looking countries due to these democrats and liberals. VOTE THEM OUT

  21. I grew up in NYC, lives here my whole life. Planning on leaving this city before “Corny Johnson” becomes mayor. NY hasn’t had good leadership for over a decade. These 2 clowns in office should be tried for treason against the constitution.

  22. Real New Yorkers *NEVER* wanted to defund the police.
    NYC is overrun by idiot liberal transients who live in NYC on a part time basis and vote in multiple states at the same time.

  23. This is what you all wanted, you dumb wannabe gangsta, cool, big and bad idiot’s, it’s not just the bad cops it’s YOU.

  24. Dodge City defunded Wyatt Earp, remember? Later they begged him to return. He who ignores history is doomed to repeat it… next semester.

  25. And behind all these insanity, the elite crooks and hooligans are working on something…this is if you observe and discern well is a diversionary tactic to forget about this COVID19 virus..this is a ploy by Democrat and CCP to divert the public’s attention to them cuz it’s their end if Trump pursue the hunt on their scandal.. Great strategy!!!

  26. Lawrence Jones, I want to thank you for for showing us the real truth about what’s going on. Our young ones are being killed and the saddest that the Mayor and Governor don’t really care about our minorities safety. Prayers for those family members that had lost a love one.

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