Only dogs will be allowed on planes as service animals: Report

Only dogs will be allowed on planes as service animals: Report

The U.S. Department of Transportation will define a service animal as ‘a dog that is individually trained to do work for the benefit of a person with a disability’; Claudia Cowan reports.

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  1. What people are not getting is I don’t mind paying gor her it os only a $ 100.00 Si Don’get whe these people are being do vicipos towatds me.

  2. Now these Karen’s and Kens have to pay to transport their animal like the rest of us. Good thing a fake service dog vest from Amazon won’t work anymore.

  3. Good! Now let’s get them to start bringing them in Home Depot and Lowe’s and restaurants. What about people like me who are allergic to dogs?!

  4. You are a real piece of work. You would not make it through one day of my life. God will make sure you get yours. To bas I won’t be around to tell you to Shut the H up.

  5. I am not the one unstable honey. Anyone who would say that to someone who is terminle has issues. Why don’t you deal with yours and if I get to ever go ona vacation again. I will gladly pay the $100 for my dog. Get some help you need it.

  6. It’s about time they do something, I’m disabled and need help. I hate it when I see a person with a small lap dog and having the ( service animal) tag. I do t want or need you to have that ( so called ) service pet next to the beef I’m buying for my family.

  7. There are Service Dogs, then there are support dogs and therapy animals, two very different utilities. I see many people with these support dogs, they are usually self trained or go through a 2 week program and require no testing and then the therapy animals, no training and these people abuse this. I witnessed a support dog attack a Service Dog in a Canadian Tire store, it was horrific.

  8. Ride the train all the time. So many assholes passing their stupid little fluff ball dogs off as “emotional support” animals.

  9. People that are really disabled should have service animals not just animals and they claim that their service animals when they’re in fact not.

  10. No this is a case of human beings being f****** stupid again… we f*** everything up we’ve already f***** up the Earth now they want to send us to Mars so we can f*** that up too!! where are despicable species we have so much to learn from dogs but unfortunately they can’t teach humans anything because humans are stupid.

  11. There’s such thing as emotional support animals that are legitimate like a cat. Cats are not allowed now bc of the exotic animals brought on fight. This is discrimination! If I have a cat deemed as an emotional support animal prescribed by a doctor, who are u to say it’s not legitimate. My cat is trained and well behaved. This is an outrage. And i will sue to the airlines for discrimination.

  12. 1:26 Pick up a phone, dial the airline service number, and ask them. Are you so helpless? Maybe your emotional support seahorse can help you.

  13. But Flirty, the mini horse, IS a service animal. She’s not a therapy animal or ESA. She is trained to do tasks to mitigate her handler’s disability.

  14. Who ever blamed the animals to begin with? Ive heard exactly zero people suggesting that it’s somehow the animals fault that they’re being dragged on a miserable plane ride where they have to sufer and be either cooped up or kept out and try to cope with the anxiety from being on a plane around a bunch of unfamiliar humans. I think the general concensus has always been that the owners and the grimy companies that have been exploiting and gaming the system for profit for years are CLEARLY to blame for the shenanagins that have ensued. These people and their weird exotic ‘support animals’ should feel extremely ashamed of themselves for their actions and the further inconvenience that actual disabled people who have disabilities that they need to have their dog accompany them are now going to have another mountain to climb. They need to fire the writer of this show the script and the weird awkward laughter was just absolutely cringe. Hopefully Fox along with every other legacy media outlet will just get cancelled before long. They have unmasked themselves and hopefully no one lets themselves forget that fact. I know i won’t. Good riddance to all of these lying manipulative propaganda machines designed specifically to keep us complacent and ill informed. They offer their manufactured reality and demand that we accept it as we bend the knee.

  15. Has anyone considered making flights with ‘pet friendly’ options? I would have paid for a seat for my dog to prevent him from being abused in the cargo part of the plane. I’m sure i’m not the only person.

  16. Service animals, and their owners have medical documentation. They should be required to prove the claim before entering anywhere. It is not an attack on the injured party, it is an attack on people seeking to skirt the allowable guidelines, because they themselves are elitist and deserve special consideration just because they want it.

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