Our Pets

By Cynthia Brawley

Having a pet, a family member, lose some of it’s basic senses is frightening to the owners, let alone the pet. Our family just recently had our beloved Chocolate Labrador, named Chewy, diagnosed with diabetes. The diabetes is FINALLY, under control for the poor guy through shots given twice daily, only after months of visits to the vet to get his dosage correct. His Vets are top notch. They chipped him as a pup just incase he got out and lost we’d be able to find one another.. They always make certain his vaccination shots are up to date and even send kind reminders if we forget. They have even seen him painlessly through hip surgery. He came home from that one with a huge smile believe it or not. Had to be the care cause there has been such a cutback on pain meds these days, I know it couldn’t have been them. Right? Naw, I’m sure a lot was just his awesome, positive, happy-go-lucky I love everybody, disposition. He has one of those that makes him a treat to be around! By the way…Monte Vista Vet., in Turlock, CA…a shout out to you Dr. Santos and your loving, professional staff! You have created yourself a dynasty sir. People come from near and VERY FAR for the care you give our loved ones, our babies, our girlfriends (MY previous pooch’s name…pronounced gurlfrent…miss you), and our buddies. Some call them man’s best friend, but honestly, I think they’re more like man’s favorite family member (on most days) particularly when you arrive home. Nobody EVER greets you like your dog. Nope. No one.

Without a good vet, pet care can be frightening…So be sure to search for a good facility. Not that you will be there a lot, but it’s just like our care…we never know…Right now I’m saying extra prayers for my very own dr. Prayers that he doesn’t start thinking about retirement. Not that I think you’re old or anything Dr. Santos, just saying…, but you have such a large staff, that place can keep running as you vacation the world…oh yes, you’re already doing that…ha, just yanking… I get that ya sometimes probably thinkin about a little more travelin’ and a little less work . Yes…I totally get it…We probably all do, but now days, the greatest thing ever is…that we get to take our furry friends with us. Yes! Most of the time facilities we stay in service our pets, and they do it very comfortably!

Ok…So, back to Chewy. I wanna share a bit what it’s like living with a dog progressing into blindness, because that’s turning out to be the most challenging implication of his diabetes diagnosis. Surgeries won’t do much good because the blindness will progress back to where it was before long after the surgery.

So… this is Chewy, the sweet little, floppy eared pup who ran around the corner to greet us when we came to join as a family. He almost rolled as he hugged the corner takin’ the shortest distance to our boys, then 3 and 8, almost 11 years ago. By his joyful good spirit he was a keeper, and by his eagerness to get to us, I’d say we were keepers to him too!

Stay tuned for future postings of “Our Pets.”