OWNING A DOG | Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy! | Doctor Mike

OWNING A DOG | Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy! | Doctor Mike

Hey guys, I was taking a look at my videos and I began to feel like I have only highlighted the good/fun stuff of owning a dog without discussing what it’s really like getting a puppy. After all, It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there are days I’m scrubbing dog doo-doo off of my floor. So, I decided to make a video of 5 things you NEED to know before getting a puppy. I guess you can call this the less than glamorous, behind-the-scenes part of dog ownership; basically, everything I do in taking care of dog If you are considering getting a puppy you must watch this to be prepared for a new puppy. Also, if you know someone who wants to get a puppy this is a MUST share. I hope you like it =]

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  1. Honestly wanted to give my current dog back after I got him, but I knew that the stress of having a new doggo would pass! Now I can’t imagine not having him.

  2. Hey, if anyone sees this, how do you dispose of your dogs waste? My mastiff poops so much and I do not like to use plastic in excess. I’ve tried burying it and have also thought about buying one of those dog septic tanks but I’m sure it’d get full so fast. Lmk.

  3. Yes! owning any pet is a huge commitment and responsibility and it is so important people get a pet for the right reasons and know what they are getting into. Great video!

  4. I’m laughing because you mentioned minuses to Bear but not for Roxy. I owned 3 Siberians and fostered 1. (Well, they owned me.) All the hair! And a lot more walking and harder to train them to walk well on the leash. 馃檪

  5. My dad has 3 rottweilers who think that they’re lapdogs. The feeling of three rottweilers jumping on top of you at the same time while you’re sleeping is a whole new level of waking up. And the drool is insane.

  6. Hey Mike I just wanna say thanks for making this video , I lost my puppy 9 years ago because she was abducted. I was considering adopting a new puppy thanks for the great video this help me reconsider my choice before getting a puppy.

  7. You have to be ready to deal with some nasty stuff to own a dog too. My cavi needs his glands expressed regularly, and my mastiff doesn’t drool a lot but he gets GIANT boogies stuck in his nose. He can’t get them out himself.

  8. Planning to adopt a dog in the next couple of months and this is where I started my research! I have two adult dogs already, but it鈥檚 been 7 years since they were pups. Great way to get a quick refresher!

  9. I was just rewatching this. You think dogs are expensive? Try paying to get a chipped knee on a gorse fixed. Also having the farrier come out every 8 weeks. I don’t own a horse BUT i know how expensive they are.

  10. Video ideas FT. BEAR..
    1) Grooming Vlog- A day at the groomers.
    2) A day in a life- Bear Edition ( like how u did with husky)
    3) Bear Training Vlog

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  13. Did anyone notice the amount of fur on his shirt, especially at the end of the video when he had both puppies lying down on him?

  14. Too funny you are sitting on the couch with 2 dogs and you are covered with dog hair lol! Newfies are the best – we had our Molly girl for 10 years before she passed and miss her terribly. She was worth every blob of stray hair, vet bill, and grooming bill!!!

  15. After actual years, my parents might be getting me a puppy on Christmas, but it’ll be hard since covid-19 is making adoptions impossible.

  16. I really loved this no-BS video on some of the struggles and realities of getting a puppy. And it was really well-presented too. Thank you from me and Punky (my 12-week-old French bulldog) in Sydney, Australia.

  17. My dog hates crates. He will break out no matter how you enclose him. I think that is an issue from his past owner though.

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