Panic Attack on Camera + Service Dog Access Issue😡(5/15/2019)

Panic Attack on Camera + Service Dog Access Issue😡(5/15/2019)

❗️TW: panic attack from 6:40-9:50❗️
This day was quite a stressful one to say the least. I had a panic attack, I traveled 4 hours for a specialist, the first hotel wouldn’t take our cards, had a little access issue at the hotel.

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  1. I have social anxiety and I stress so much easily which causes me to have panic attacks I’ve been training my dog to become my service dog for about weeks now

  2. I know lots of copy mechanisms for anxiety/panic attacks but when I’m having an attack I can’t remember what to do and I start freaking out even more OH and does anyone know if service dogs can help with ADD (Attention-deficit disorder)

  3. Wow, that’s amazing you were able to continue driving, when I had my last panic attack driving I had so much insane amounts of anxiety I felt my body leave my soul and I blacked out a few seconds and came to I had crashed into a pole.

    The cop wanted to know what happened and I said I had a panic attack. My license was suspended immediately and I had to do a bunch of stuff to get my license back.

    Anxiety is so scary.

  4. When I get my panic attacks I start to shiver, bite my nails, cry, heart racing, and difficulty breathing anyone else? I’m not even diagnosed with anything is panic attacks normal or should I tell my pediatrician

  5. I remember 2 distinct moments where I had a panic attack. One was at school I was a freshman in highschool we were about to take a test. I was shaking. I don’t remember being cold. Just straight shaking and crying in this class. Someone gave me their jacket and I was still just shaking. They sent me to the nurses office and they gave me a blanket, I remember puking and I just laid there in the dark for an hour or so and said not to call my mom because she would have just said I was trying to get out of a test. Which I did end up taking while in the nurses office. The other was while I was at work. I went in fine and then started feeling like I got the flu. Like in a 2 hour period. I went to the Dr. Who said I was having a panic attack. That lasted two freaking days. I was out of work for 2 days. I have had others. But those were my two. I had PPD and I now take meds for my anxiety and depression. And is much more controlled.

  6. i get myself so worked up i make myself sick and i have emetophobia (idk if i spelled that right) and so it would just get worse and i wouldn’t be able to calm myself down.

  7. You are very good at calming yourself down! I’m impressed!

    I wish you and your dog best luck.

  8. This was CRAZYYYYYY to watch because I SAY THE EXACT SAME THINGS when I’m having one and I call my friends if I’m on the road “hey whatsu-“ “OMG IM HAVING A PANIC ATTACK. I NEED TO PULL OVER”

  9. I had my first panic attack yesterday and it felt like i was living in a nightmare:(I had to go the hospital and they put me in the kids mental part of it they saw the scars on my arms because they asked me to change and asked I wanted to harm myself and I said , yes . They put me in a room and I was scared 🙁 my mom couldn’t be there with me I felt like the room was getting smaller and I got dizzy and almost passed out my heartbeat was racing . For the kids who think having depression , anxiety (attacks) or panic attacks , don’t it feels like hell don’t lie to anyone about it cause it could actually happen . And not everyone will have the same symptoms . I don’t have a service dog but I get anxiety on a daily basis . I felt like I was gonna die and wanted to harm myself . The doctors were nice .

  10. Hey! Subscriber here! I love all of your about your pup! I have a service dog in training and am trying to start my own channel as my disabilities make it difficult to work. It would mean the world to me if you would check out my channel and show it some support if you enjoy it!

  11. When I get my panic attacks I start to shiver, bite my nails, cry, heart racing, and difficulty breathing anyone else? I’m not even diagnosed with anything is panic attacks normal or should I tell my pediatrician

  12. I really loved how you handeled your panic attack. Thanks for sharing it! Really helpfull, thank you so much. ♥️♥️

  13. I wouldn’t say I have anxiety but I have had some minor anxiety attacks i never really know how to handle them

  14. I suffered from panic attacks, agoraphobia and extreme social anxiety for two decades. As a result of this, I was also addicted to Xanax for four years. Eight months months ago (after hitting absolute rock bottom) I started weaning myself off Xanax, as well as seeing an EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner once a week (over Skype). Within eight EFT sessions I was anxiety free. It’s now been six months since my last EFT session and two months since I last took Xanax. It feels great to have my life back! I would recommend EFT to anybody suffering from an anxiety disorder of any kind. It has literally been a life saver.

  15. Imagine having a panic attack on top of girl days starting on top of hearing that someone at school/work died!
    That happened to me!

  16. This is entirely off topic and irrelevant but I just wanted to tell you something that you are probably used to hearing all the time, and that is, you’re really attractive. I hope everything you go through goes well for you and cheers to your loyal companion for being the true friend that literally is there for you whenever you need him/her.

  17. I’m happy to know I’m not alone when it comes to panic attacks and using a service dog. Plus having access problems. I love watching videos that I can relate to. It make me feel like I’m not alone. Some people are so ignorant of the law it kills me..

  18. You did good handling attack. I been there many times. Driving is very scary for me too. Last time I had an attack while driving, my Dad, who doesn’t believe in panic attacks, Dad was yelling at me I was yelling at him and trying to find a place to park at a hospital parking lot. It was He’ll. Plus my Dad makes me keep my Service Dog at home and that just made it harder for me. Glad you did fine and good job.

  19. I do a similar thing when having an attack I say out loud "Breath your not gunna die" over and over till it slowly stops xx

  20. You handle yours so well, all I do is hide in the bathroom and wait until I calm down, mostly because it’s hard to help me, during my panic attacks I fail to talk because of my shortness of breath and I can’t hear at all.

  21. I have a question, do you find it difficult to drive or even to get yourself into the car? I’ve recently hit the age where I am allowed to learn to drive, but I’ve yet to do so despite wanting to. I’m afraid I’ll have a panic attack or even shut down at the wheel. How do you get around this? Did it take a leap of faith to learn to drive for you? I also completely understand if you wish not to answer this, however any responses are much appreciated!

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