Perth LFS Crawl – Aquarium Gallery Perth

Perth LFS Crawl – Aquarium Gallery Perth

Aquarium Gallery Perth, what a beautiful store to showcase the amazing world of aquarium keeping to the general public! If you haven’t seen this store before, you’re in for a treat as the displays they have are amazing, the stock they carry is top shelf and the service is second to none.

If you are ever in Western Australia, be sure to pop into Aquarium Gallery and treat yourself to an amazing store.


  1. Hola mola. Hands down the best aquarium shop I have seen. Awesome display tanks and equipment throughout. Thanks for keeping it real and for taking the time to video and post Sam.

  2. This store is the true picture of an aquarium boutique..feels like a beauty store with all sorts of bottles placed very neatly. Amazing organization…Thanks for sharing..

  3. I know this video has been here for a while but I just watched this one, one of the best stores I ever seen, clean – neat and well kept… thanks for sharing!

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