Pet Adoption at the San Francisco SPCA

Pet Adoption at the San Francisco SPCA

Jennefer wants to adopt a dog, so she and fellow Local Guides Bella and Aslam are headed to the San Francisco SPCA. The trio gets a behind-the-scenes look at how potential new owners meet the facility’s dogs and cats, and how the adoption process works. Local Guides, have you reviewed your local animal shelter or pet adoption center?


  1. those ppl who allowed u to DESTROY A WALL IN THEIR HOUSE r simply amazing!!! i adore their selfless act to save the kitten im so glad u were able to find little cricket and keep him alive 🙂 so glad napoleon and cricket got adopted together <333 5:11

  2. Waow, que bien que den a conocer al mundo este centro de Adopción, yo soy rescatista canino en mi país y hay mucho por aprender, este vídeo me abrió la mente a nuevas ideas, gracias

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