Pet Adoption vs the Pound-Part 1

Pet Adoption vs the Pound-Part 1

Show on adopting pets and what happens to pets that
are picked up by the pound. This show was done after an expose in the San Antonio Express News that San Antonio killed over 50,000 pets a year at the pound. This clip was for San Antonio Public Access TV. Produced by 411 Productions.


  1. I agree, it’s an excellent topic. Sometimes students take the last minute to observe the topic. I just would like to know they did their homework.

  2. It is a good topic. Rehersal would have taken maybe a week of time and improved the video, making a greater impact. I don’t see much emotion here. Its a serious subject.

  3. It’s important they learn we that watch are serious on the topics too. I would not even reply if I didn’t think they didn’t have a valid point to make.

  4. These are 15 year olds who are learning a very important skill:public speaking. I think they did a very good job.

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