Pet DIYs, DIY cat collar and wooden pet tent

Pet DIYs, DIY cat collar and wooden pet tent

Hands up, who loves to spoil their pets? This week I am sharing some Pet DIYs and I am sharing how to make a cat collar and also how to make a pet tent.
I will leave some details below on the measurements for each item but feel free to customize this to suit your space.

The cat collar:
Length 15.5 inches long, 2 inches in width, but cut 4x times the width to allow for folding of fabric to form the strap.

I use 4 pieces of 2″ x 1″ wood. I cut them to 36″ inches in length.
I measured up 5 inches from the bottom of each piece for the holes and angled one end of the piece for the bottom pieces that touch the floor.

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  1. My cats just a big blob on the floor but I love her,I’m also getting two new cats bc my mom’s cat gave birth,sadly the last one didn’t make it, this video helps alot! Thanks!

  2. Great video Catherine. Blondie looks gorgeous in her new collar and very impressed with her tent… as am I. Well done you clever wee thing. xxxxx

  3. Awww this is AMAZING and so are you… I admit I have 2 purrrrrrfect furbabies and I love love love to DIY… Thank you SO much for showing me how to make the tent xx My cats are indoor cats so I don’t put collars on them but I will keep an eye out for more of your pet DIY’s xx Stay fabulous… hugs xx

  4. Hello Catherine, hello Blondie! I love the colour that you made for her, it is precious and so is she. Thank you so much for showing all your Creations to us and I must say my cat watches your videos just so you know, she’s also a female her name is Mouse. I think she’s kind of jealous of the teepee house so I’m going to have to do something like that and make it for her. But I suck when it comes to power tools so I think I’ll get Paul to do it. Thank you so much darling I absolutely adore everything that you make you’re so talented. You look lovely today is always. Hugs from your friend and Victoria BC Canada XXX

  5. Isn’t this a Khao mane cat….the most expensive Breed? I too have one and I am Goa make all the accessories for him now

  6. I once had a white cat that I named him Salty for he was an old Salt LOL He would have loved your Tent for a cat. It is adorable and so is the collar. You are so talented and have such great ideas to make these items.

  7. Catherine. Hi, I did message you through FB but I see you havent read it yet, so thought I’d do it through this way! Just wanted to know which district in Paris is where all those lovely craft shops are. We are staying in the Latin District from 7-11th October, hope you can give me the address. Enjoying your utube vids soo much & Blondie is adorable. JEN IN READING,BERKS. xxx

  8. I used to have a collar for my cat like that, but he learned how to take it off. He’s lost like 2 outside and takes them off inside all the time. He’s smart

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