Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Care for Betta Fish

Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Care for Betta Fish

Proper care for Betta fish includes keeping tank water clean with a water filtration system and proper temperature water. Take care of Betta fish with tips from an aquarium shop owner in this free video on aquariums.

Expert: Chris Simms
Bio: Chris Simms owns Aquatic Central in San Francisco, Calif.
Filmmaker: Bing Hu


  1. @DrewDavisAdmin The male bettas are the most flashy and have big fins and are usually bigger than the females. Go to any store selling bettas, some will have males and females…then you can compare the two.

  2. It’s not really fighting it’s more like deciding who’s dominant… Which you said.. but it’s not really "fighting" >.>

  3. PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PROVIDE PROPER CARE FOR BETTAS. THEY ARE TROPICAL FISH- they should have a temperature of 78-80 degrees! Please visit my channel. My first video is uploading now, about caring for bettas PROPERLY.

  4. i need help with this, i got a betta and it died within 3 hours. so i went to a different pet store and got a new one im nervous about it though. i added the water conditioner to the water and let him adjust inside of his container floating for a half an hour before i put him in the tank. its a one gallon tank with a water pump. does the betta like water pumps or should i leave it off? what should i do?

  5. My god, ALL fish need a filter! Bettas need a water temperature of 78-80f you fucking moron. Stop giving false information!!!

  6. @daddysgirls1310 it wants to mate with a female sis you have a female with the betta and only males make bubble nests hope this helped 🙂

  7. @DrewDavisAdmin The male bettas have bigger and more flowy fins than the female; the female is smaller than the male, and it’s tail fin is like a thin blade shape.

  8. 1. It really depends on if you want to breed it or not…If you don’t want to breed it then it just lays there.
    2. The new borns can be together in the same tank for over 2-4months….but when they get aggressive separate the males…
    3. 200-400+
    4.You don’t need to distinguish the males from the female..only when they get mature and aggressive…

  9. @chiliandcandy both "beh-ta" and "bait-a" are acceptable pronounciations these days. I wouldn’t think less of anyone advice just because they used one or the other he gave decent advice, better than some of these "how to" short clips on fish care anyway. *shrug*

  10. well most people dont need heaters but i do! Im barley getting one tommorow! My bettas water is at 68! Ima get it a small heater…but yea hes right. YOU CANT JUST LEAVE THEM IN A CUP WITH ICE COLD WATER. BUT ALSO DONT COME WITH UR 5 GALLON CRAP CUZ ITS ANNOYING AND NOT NEEDED! ughh…those annoying fish nerds….

  11. @DrewDavisAdmin before you buy them, they should tell you the gender or there should be a sticker on the container stating if it’s a male or female.

  12. female do fight over dominence, but they dont fight ot kill. i have 3 in a 10 gallon tank with a divider for one male, 2 of the female bettas fight once in a while, they do fight and can get beaten up but normaly they dont fight to kill

  13. @MyFishCare101 Noted. However if I said betta to 98% of the population how it is really pronounced they’d think I was an idiot. I see it as similair to saying manga properly, "mon-ga" or improperly, but more widely used because most people dont know better, "Mang-ga". Both mean Manga, it doesn’t bother me at all.

  14. do u guys sell bettas in your store.. if so can u tell me were your store is located in san francisco plz.. bcuz my dad works in sf and i would like to go to your sstore and check it out.. plz repl soon

  15. @BakaniBoko Betta and beta are not just difference in pronunciation, it’s two totally different words! Betta is a fish, and beta is a stock exchange. 😉

  16. sorry but a betta DOES need a heater. the prefer temps of around 75-86’f (24-30’c) my bettas water is at about 28-30’c

  17. idk if im on crack but i have 10betas in a 10 gallon 3 female and 7 male and the never flare or fight and are guaranteed breeders cause they breed about ever 2 two 3 months watching them build a bubble next is pretty cool

  18. not really… I have seen them together yes as I had a friend who breeds them and some of hers share tanks but most of the time its a 20+gallon tank with lots of hiding spots as the male and female still try to fight… depending on the kind of betta some of the females even need to be kept in their own tanks as they can get pretty territorial and fight as well.. Its just a lot easier to say don’t keep them together than try to explain the ways you can.

  19. Help man my fish’s fins are ripping and I don’t know why 🙁
    I think it’s the filter because ever since I got it it’s been ripping! How can I fix this crap?

  20. Try petco. They have little filters, but you can’t use them for tanks less than a gallon. I didn’t get a filter for my tank, it’s small but the beta I have is only a fry. He’ll get a bigger tank once he grows a bit more.

  21. 1:how often do bettas breed
    2:how long should i keep the new born bettas together
    3:how many bettas are born within each spawning
    4:while they are small how do i distinguish the males from the females??

    if you can answer any of my questions then pls do cause im planning to breed them

  22. @Logcuterman2 so will a male and male and a female and female , do your darn research. FYI, females are smaller and more dull and males are larger and are more colorful.

  23. you should feed him dryed shrimp and some most eat flakes! And yes change the food if not it will cloud up the water and stress the fish and possibly die!if you have no filter change the bowl out every three days thanks for reading my advice hope it helped:)

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