Pet Food Review – The BEST Food For Dogs & Cats…And What To Avoid!

Pet Food Review – The BEST Food For Dogs & Cats…And What To Avoid!

Finally, here is my long awaited pet food review for dogs and cats! It’s kind of scary that our pets are coming down with the same health issues as us, but that is because there is so much garbage in dog and cat food. Simple and starchy carbs, processed oils, and mystery meat should not be in pet food, the diet should be made of high quality protein, good fats, and some complex carbs. I hit the pet food aisle of the grocery store to show you what to look for and avoid when buying pet food. Hope you enjoyed…and I miss Josh the bichon!

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  1. Bobby, you need to do MORE RESEARCH before you are educated enough to weigh in on pet diets.

    GRAINS in a diet are crucial in dogs. We are seeing drastic increase in kidney problems and heart issues in a dog’s diet without grains. Legumes is not good enough. It must be grains. Do a basic search of dog and heart problems.

    I wonder if you have bothered to become educated enough on human diets.

  2. Grain free foods for dogs is allegedly not healthy for large dogs and can cause major heart issues. See recent FDA article on this topic.

  3. My little dog has experienced horrendous skin problems with huge amounts of veterinarian intervention to no avail. Then I looked at the label for a can of Science Diet that she had been "prescribed". It’s nothing but chemicals! Not only that, she is allergic to chicken and the food had chicken in it. I was told it was micro encapsulated and therefore would not make her break out! Finally, a month ago, I began to cook for her. She eats ground turkey sauteed in coconut oil combined with cooked sweet potatoes, carrots and beets. Just in the past few days her skin is completely clear for the first time since March 4th. Honestly it is cheaper and I know what my baby is getting – no chemicals, no crap.

  4. All I have ever fed my14 year old dog since she was less than 6 months old was grain free dog food. My vet recommended it because of crystals in her urine. First Evo, then Acana and mostly Orijen brands. My dog was diagnosed with an enlarged heart 3 years ago and now is on enalapril and vetmedin medications daily. My vet also told me that the "grain free dog food" study wasn’t conclusive. However, I do give my dog a daily taurine supplement just in case.

  5. My favorite haul yet thank you Bobby. My Chi It’s now a senior and I need to Stay on top of things now as much and more than ever. Needing to keep the Protein on the lower side. I think that’s for kidney reasons. Need to watch her heart as well. Also has been exposed to mold and Lyme. been a tough ride the last three years.

  6. If you want the absolute best pet food check out Answers pet food. Raw, organic, and fermented. It has changed our dogs life!

  7. My beloved dog was diabetic and I learned so much about canine nutrition. Unfortunately, I learned this too late but wanted to pass it on and share it with my dog and cat owners! Some of the best brand dog foods are Orijen and Open Farm! Their ingredients list is amazing. I highly recommend and I hope Bobby includes those brands in his future videos!

  8. Bobby I would like more than your opinion on commercial brands, your version of Barf meal prep with the delicious Bobby touch

  9. My research tells me that pea protein in dog food is okay if it isn’t listed in the first 7 ingredients. Manufactures may add large amounts of pea protein to cheaper dog foods, instead of meat protein, in order to label the food "grain free" and/or "high in protein". However, you have to be leery of ingredient splitting-which is when manufacturers hide the actual quantity of a total ingredient by splitting it up into subgroups in the ingredient list in order to make it appear that the product doesn’t contain a disproportionate amount of pea protein, for example.

  10. Love this video but there has been some controversy the past couple of years surrounding grain free dog food and causing cardio myopathy. Maybe you can recommend some options with grain given that information from the FDA? Thank you!

  11. Can you look into purnia pro focus sensitive stomach or just the whole purnia pro focus foods Thank you

  12. Bobbie, a man named Pollock has a blog on YouTube. He is a Type 2 diabetic and compared Ezekial bread with Trader Joe’s white bread. He ate both breads over two days and showed us his blood sugar readings. No significant difference was found. Both breads adversely affected his blood sugar readings. He reported we shouldn’t be led by wrappers as to what to eat if you are diabetic. Thought you should know this.

  13. Thank you, Bobby for doing this video. I was one of the people who asked for this. I appreciate you listening to us!

  14. I’ve been a Vet Assistant for 2 years and a Vet Tech student
    Please talk to your vet on what food is best! The most common recommended brands is Purina Pro Plan, Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin these brands are backed by Board Certified Veterinarians and Nutritionists
    We don’t recommend grain-free unless your pet actually has a diagnosed allergy to grains. Studies are showing grain free can lead to heart disease shown by breeds that normally don’t have heart disease.
    Diabetes and joint issues is more common due to more that half pets are overweight to obese. Make sure your pet is a healthy weight, feed a good quality food, stay up to date on vaccines and preventives

  15. Bobby, don’t forget about the laundry list of Chinese imported synthetic vitamins and minerals they throw into all of those processed foods. There are some brands that don’t have them!

  16. Thank you so much for posting. I’m going to share this on my YouTube channel. I make my own dog food, but I know that’s not for everyone

  17. For anyone in TX, OK, TN, AR, or Louisiana, there is a company called Texas Tripe that has raw food. My dogs have been eating this for over two years. They can ship to other areas but of course that gets a bit expensive. The cheapest way to go is to go to one of their drop off points. Every 6 weeks or so I go pick up 40 pounds of frozen food for my 2 pups. It makes raw so much easier and it’s not breaking the bank. I thought I’d recommend them if anyone is looking for raw options!

  18. Thank you for the video…great info! Im going to have my dogs try the organix ..they are picky eaters good nutrition is important.. I wish they had sample packet foods for dog and cat food..that way you dont have to buy a bunch and if they dont like it…get rid of it…

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