Pet hair removal challenge!!!

Pet hair removal challenge!!!

This video is about Pet hair removal. I give you four different options and we find out what’s the best. Real time no edits just quick and easy.
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Hope you enjoyed this video….


  1. Recently I just bought a auction car and didn’t see that has a lot of pet hair is kind disgusting to see but u bring me hope with that pet stone or the comments bring up the Chin chom roll need to check it out I just need to clean this car and put in glorious life hair free again thanks for video

  2. This is a great video. You should give it a better title with more information in the description! Like the name of the tools you used and their links so we can buy them! 🙂

  3. Thanks. I have a favorite fleece jacket that is covered in years worth of Golden Retriever and German Shedder Dog hair.

  4. Your review is so awesome! Thankyou for showing all the different options side by side! Will be ordering the petstone 🙂

  5. I love how you have about 7 strands of hair sticking up on the left side of your head! LOL!! What cartoon character does it remind me of?? Archie or Jughead? LOL!! I’m just teasing you….Good video, thanks!!

  6. does spraying water help with removing pet hair, I have a Honda CRV and i have covered the back with the cargo tray extra covers etc

  7. Co-worker comes in covered in dog hair and smells like dog shit! Any suggestion besides telling her shes a filthy swine?

  8. Thank you. Very helpful. I have pumice in my cupboard so I’ll give that a try before duct tape. Do you have a recommended pet car boot covers / slicker to cut future hair mess?

  9. Thank you for this tip. Dog hair on my carpets are driving me crazy. I’ll give the rubber brush a try coz the stone will be too harsh on home carpet. Cheers

  10. I have a Siberian Husky who constantly sheds. I was looking for something that might help get up some of the pet hair from my car and furniture. I’m going to buy a pet stone right now. Thanks so much for this video! You rock!

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