Pet Photography Charleston, SC | 704.659.3859 | Dog Portraits Charleston

Pet Photography Charleston, SC | 704.659.3859 | Dog Portraits Charleston

Pet Photography Charleston, SC | 704.659.3859 | Dog Portraits Charleston

That adorable little 6-pound puppy you just picked up isn’t going to stay 6 pounds for more than a few more days. When you can pick them up with one hand – and not have to feel like you’re getting a workout every time. Always growing, always changing – but staying so much the same – your dog will be with you for years to come. Instead of being a tiny puppy, maybe you’ve just adopted each other! Whichever the case may be, your dog will not only be your best friend and companion, but become a part of you as well.

You want a perfect keepsake of them before they grow up or even just to keep them with you wherever you go. Remember those fun, new, and exciting times with your new friend. Have images to be able to compare from your first few weeks together to a few years later… when your dog is still active, still frisky, but a little older and hopefully a little wiser.

Imagine having a beautiful framed print of your family with your dog hanging up in the living room, being able to see that example of love and joy each and every day as soon as you get home from work. Have the images of your dog doing what they do best sitting on your desk at work, giving you a little peace in an otherwise hectic environment. Whether what they do best is sleeping, doing tricks for treats, running for a ball, retrieving or even just observing everything else going on.

My experience with professional sports and fast action photography, as well as following around high-energy dogs, has given me the ability to take the best quality images no matter what your dog does! Not only with my previous experience work for your benefit of high quality pet photography, but also my equipment is perfectly suited for action; capturing every chase, every jump, even every back scratch in the grass.

You can view the pet photography that I’ve done previously – even just with my own dog. (He’s the goofy basset hound!) I love to be able to take photos of him whenever I can. Going on a hike through the woods, running around out on our family farm, or even just chewing on his favorite bone in my living room!

Your dog is your four-legged child – even though you may have some of the two-legged children as well! Even in their older age, you can see that in their eyes the “puppy” in them will always be a part of who your dog is. Their heart will always be the same; even long after their bodies wear down. They will always have the heart of the puppy that they once were and will love you unconditionally even after their end.

Get images that have you and your pets in them. No more arms sticking out of the frame; no more sub-par quality image without you in them. Get all of you, as you are – now, in the moment, loving life with your best friend.


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