Pet Rat Care

Pet Rat Care

Learn the basic care tips for your new pet rats.

Learn how to feed your rat by never buying packaged rat food.
Pet Rat Diet video

Learn how to make home made toys for your rats!

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  1. Question:
    For the chicken, does it need to be cooked or is it better for the chicken, and bones to be raw?
    Can they eat eggs? Like hard-boiled eggs.
    Should the tofu be cooked?
    Thank you!

  2. Where I’m getting my sons rats from they’re $20-$40 each!!! I live in Australia though so everything is more expensive haha

  3. That’s it! I keep my hair real short. So, I have now decided to buy a WIG with long hair to wear when my ratties are on my shoulder!

  4. My little half wit grandson got him a rat he had his sister Bethleen knit him a sweater. I swear neither one them kids is too bright. Bethleen has one sleeve longer than the other and the damn thing barley fit the damn rat What got even more ridiculous my screwball son encouraged them kids to make a top hat like Abe Lincoln for him. They had this crazy damn out fit on the animal. Then things started getting crazy, my wife founds some sunglasses that came with Behtleen’s Barbie doll, and put them on the furry little varmint. Then on top of that they made the rat ride around on a Roomba vacuum with a little american flag tied to his tail, If I hadn’t seen it myself I would never believed it. Them half-wit grand kids like to drive me nuts on a daily basis.

  5. I hope they didn’t take rats off the market permanently after a boy got bit and got rat bite fever and died. The family tried to sue the company later on. The family had signed a form saying that the company is not held liable for a rat attack. So I heard that rats were not being sold anymore at stores. This was later in 2016 after my pet rat died a year later.

  6. I bought two rats. Both girls. Didn’t think it’d be a problem. Not even two months after getting them I had 7 more than I started with.

  7. I live in NYC – we have a plethora of rats in the subways alone, and I found this vid because I spotted one while waiting for the 4 Train to the Bronx. I thought it was kind of cute, so here I am. Lol.

  8. Why isnt raw corn good for rats? Ive seen a lot of people feed their rats raw corn. Iam a beginner, dont know very well.

  9. there are a few things that you try not to do but they happen by accident anyways. And when they do it is almost impossible to stop them from getting what they want. my last rats were amazing pets and they lived a long happy life one was hell bent on having whiskey every sec of the day, one was addicted to mt dew and the other was addicted to fast food. but all was healthy none of them were over weight and yes we tried not giving it to them but 4 years is a long time to say no to those cute little faces. our Jackie who wanted the whiskey we never GAVE her anything she always found us not paying attention on a weekend and next thing you know she was face down in daddy’s jack and coke, or jack on the rocks witch ever he had at the time! we would get her as soon as we seen her but never really knew how much she had. she always knew it was his too. through the week after work we’d let them out and she’d get up on his chest and pull his bottom lip down and smell his breath. LMAO I miss my babies so much. we had them for ever though. everyone said their life span was 2 to 3 years and all 3 of ours lived to 4

  10. hey my daughters 11y and 13y really want sugar gliders, rats or goats but we don’t have any space in our house. do you have any suggestions?

  11. When mentioning the hutch, you said if you WISH to keep it inside. Does this mean I can house rats outside, if they have enough warmth?

  12. For my mate Al I buildet a big cache with a bridge 2 my bed and waked up every morning with Al on my chest, axe or lap….on daytimes he prefered his "Castle" 😉
    No worrys 2 bring Al 2 Festivals…..just got a sleeping back with me and this was good enough 4 him and he waked me allways up when he was thirsty.

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