Pet Sitting Tips

Pet Sitting Tips

Jessi shares some tips for when you need to have your animal companion cared for by a trusted pet sitter.

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  1. thank you for making a very useful video for pet owners and pet sitters out there. all the best from a petsitter europe 🙂

  2. Good video! My peach faced lovebird is an "only child" so he actually prefers company over being in a familiar place. When I’m gone he stays with my parents who take him out daily and let him shoulder perch. I’m not even sure he misses us much.

  3. I really enjoyed your video except I didn’t absorb everything from it because instructions were too fast. Great video though!

  4. Hello Jess! I need advise! I want to start pet sitting and I don´t know anything about that. I do have a dog and he is 13 years old, so I know a little. But if you can give me like 5 more important things you should know or do to be a pet sitter I would love it.

    (I speak spanish, sorry if my english is not good).

  5. Thank you so AnimalWonders Montana!.Watched 4:17.I do in home business pet sitting.Q:Don’t have liability insurance.It is imperative that I obtain one?

  6. Okay, so we have a dog and we really don’t like keeping him on a chain and he didn’t used to have to be on one but he climbs the fence if he isn’t on one now, one time we opened the gate to take him on a walk, he ran out but then turned around ran back in the yard a climbed over the fence. We really want to stop him from getting out because he got out and was lost for a week once and he is a black and white dog, mostly black though and we want him to be safe and happy so any advice would be wonderful.

  7. Know what the owner feed their pet and follow their instructions. Visit the pet at the owner’s home, so the pet gets used to you. If you are a new pet sitter and need more gigs, register at and add an offer for pet care. Make sure you have a place for the pet to run around, or prepare to walk them twice a day. Unlike at the owner’s home, you can not let the pet out on their own for bathroom breaks. I would walk the pet at the owner’s home first, to get the pet used to you.OK. I am mainly talking about dogs. I have no advice on snakes, alligators, etc.

  8. I’d like to add: know if the animal has any food sensitivities. If someone wanted to give a dog one of their own dog treats, that could be a problem for that particular dog.

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        Service Requirements: Our home requires help with plant watering, lawn maintenance, and light landscaping. It is preferable if you have personal transportation available. The ideal housesitter would have multiple months of prior experience however it isn’t mandatory to work with us.

        Notes On Availability: We can likely work around your schedule.

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