Pet Sitting Tips

Pet Sitting Tips

Jessi shares some tips for when you need to have your animal companion cared for by a trusted pet sitter.

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  1. Know what the owner feed their pet and follow their instructions. Visit the pet at the owner’s home, so the pet gets used to you. If you are a new pet sitter and need more gigs, register at and add an offer for pet care. Make sure you have a place for the pet to run around, or prepare to walk them twice a day. Unlike at the owner’s home, you can not let the pet out on their own for bathroom breaks. I would walk the pet at the owner’s home first, to get the pet used to you.OK. I am mainly talking about dogs. I have no advice on snakes, alligators, etc.

  2. Thank you so AnimalWonders Montana!.Watched 4:17.I do in home business pet sitting.Q:Don’t have liability insurance.It is imperative that I obtain one?

  3. Im planning on starting my own little 1-2 person pet sitting business for my neighborhood because I am good with animals. Im 12 yrs old but have big dreams! Wish me luck!

  4. thank you for making a very useful video for pet owners and pet sitters out there. all the best from a petsitter europe πŸ™‚

  5. Cats, if they’re being kept in the petsitters house should be confined to a single, cat proofed room. This is important to make sure they feel secure, you don’t lose them, and they don’t try and run back home.

  6. Okay, so we have a dog and we really don’t like keeping him on a chain and he didn’t used to have to be on one but he climbs the fence if he isn’t on one now, one time we opened the gate to take him on a walk, he ran out but then turned around ran back in the yard a climbed over the fence. We really want to stop him from getting out because he got out and was lost for a week once and he is a black and white dog, mostly black though and we want him to be safe and happy so any advice would be wonderful.

  7. As a former owner of four guinea pig boys, my tip for guinea pigs is that you can move them to the pet sitters home, but do NOT put the cage in a busy area. Gunea pigs are sensitive to stress and are easily spooked. If there are other animals in the pet sitter’s home, let the guinea pigs get used to them. Especially cats and dogs might see the piggies as prey, so never leave the piggies alone with cats or dogs (my parents’ cat was afraid of my guinea pigs and my sister’s dog was scared as well, so that worked great, but I never let them run outside the cage if I wasn’t in the room with them).

  8. I am a petsitter from the UK, I do that for living working from a company, and most of my clients are amazing, but I had some instances where the pet owners lied about their dogs age or didn’t tell me of their medical condition(s) or only told me when they dropped the animal off at my flat, and / or didn’t have any appropriate bedding or appropriate dog toys (one young couple got their dog regular ones from the *toy store* instead of the ones at pet stores, and it got shredded within seconds and the pieces were dangerous if swallowed!), and just saying "nah, he/she sleeps anywhere in our house, we don’t have anywhere specific he/she sleeps in". I had a few of those kinds of incidents, and it made me so frustrated and when I messaged the owners about it they would get mad at me for "not being able to care for their animal right" (I have been petsitting with the company for over a year now and I have 5+ years experience with common domestic animals, like dogs and cats, rodents, ferrets, bunnies, etc), and then tell me new things I didn’t know about in the first place about their pet and how I’m "not satisfying their needs for *that* and *this*".

    Thankfully most of my clients are amazing people who give me detailed lists about their pet(s) and home (if petsitting at their home), and all the necessary contact details and vet numbers and addresses, and resolve issues in a friendly and understanding manner, and just a big shout out to them all – you are all amazing πŸ™‚

  9. Good video! My peach faced lovebird is an "only child" so he actually prefers company over being in a familiar place. When I’m gone he stays with my parents who take him out daily and let him shoulder perch. I’m not even sure he misses us much.

  10. thank you sooooo much, I’m starting my own pet sitting business, these tips will help me so much thanks:)

  11. Oh lord. Remember to introduce yourself around the dog’s owner, guys. I remember that I had a friend who took in this giant hound mutt from outside. He was a BEAUTIFUL dog, and I remember walking into her house for the first time after she got him and this dog went into attack mode IMMEDIATELY. He growled and threw a fit, and the SECOND she walked into the room, this dog tackles me and starts licking me and having a great time. I’ve never seen such a night-and-day reaction like that before, but it was a little scary to have this growling dog suddenly leap on me. Always always have the owner there for big or aggressive dogs.

  12. Hello Jess! I need advise! I want to start pet sitting and I donΒ΄t know anything about that. I do have a dog and he is 13 years old, so I know a little. But if you can give me like 5 more important things you should know or do to be a pet sitter I would love it.

    (I speak spanish, sorry if my english is not good).

  13. You helped me so much thank you so much! I am 15 and going into the animal career. I’m thinking of becoming an animal behaviorist and I could really use your channel to help me out πŸ™‚ new subscriber! Plus I am becoming a pet sitter and dog walker to prepare me for the furture and this was awesome for that thank you!

  14. I typed up a booklet about my gunnies pig for pet sitters to trouble shoot from. I totally recommend doing this!

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