Pet Supplies PLUS.

Pet Supplies PLUS.

It’s an okay pet store. Definitely has almost everything a pet owner could want. From food to medicine to toys to equipment. Some items(as with any retail), seem drastically overpriced. But when it comes to pet owners, price seems of no concern.
The store is very clean. The cages & aquariums, in a small section, back of the store, with birds, fish & critters, really need better attention from store staff. Bird & reptile cages need to be thoroughly cleaned/scrubbed at least once-a-week. And aquariums/terrariums should have the inside glass wiped-clean daily.
The staff is somewhat knowledgeable on pets, but I would not ask any serious questions, unless it’s a veterinarian, which the store has occasionally has on premise.
Do-your-homework, before purchasing a pet. Watch some YouTube videos, definitely do some reading. Know what you’re getting into. And definitely understand & be advised of the cost and upkeep costs of your pet. Food, cages, filters, heaters, medicine, a visit to the pet doctor…can really cut into your budget.


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