1. Good, there are too many people who get a fake doctor to say they need an ESA. Actual service dogs that are trained to help their owners with physical issues should have zero problems getting paperwork. If people really do have an emotional or mental issue where they can’t sit through a flight without an ESA, then they shouldn’t be flying. That’s not even going into the absurdity where everyone seems to be emotionally unstable. Look at 3rd world countries; none of them have nearly the same rate of emotionally or mentally unstable people as advanced countries. The difference, they are strong mentally and don’t get depressed.

  2. I have a emotional support dog for my separation anxiety and I think it’s discussting people abuse the system because my dog is part of my treatment also have deppression that I take medince for and I need a esa emotional support she also is in training she does also alert me of when an panic attack

  3. Wrong, there is NO such thing as certified, that does not exist, and only dogs and cats CAN fly as emotional support animals.

  4. Some people don’t relize that emotinal support anmail under the Ada it can be any anmail but it should be under the control of the handler

  5. Really hate it that many abuse the right to have an ESA just to fly a plane for free. I have major chronic depression, terrible anxiety, attacks, and PTSD. I do have an ESA to give me comfort, but I KNOW she cannot go into any public facility. She isn’t a SD and I know which rights I have.

  6. If you gonna fake it at least train them and have them attend a school with you. Take into account their temperament please. They should at least be calm otherwise it can cause distress to other people and perhaps even safety issues cause you don’t know how they will act once they are up so high in the sky. They can feel funky and alarmed you never know.

  7. There is a lot of fraud with emotional support animals and service dogs, but there are some necessary corrections that should have been made in this video too.

    First, service dogs are not the same as emotional support animals (there was a clip where they were talking about ESAs and showed a service dog).

    Second, service dogs are permitted to be on their handlers lap or on the floor and are almost always uncaged. This is because they need to be able to do the tasks they are trained for to help their disabled handler and a cage would get in the way. This is a handler’s choice–it’s completely ethical and safe to have a service dog of appropriate size on a lap or on the floor.

    Emotional support animals are also not required to have any training and airlines know this. Of course they’re going to whimper and bark! They are there for emotional support, they don’t go through the rigorous training of a service dog. It’s okay for these animals to be disruptive in this way, so long as they don’t pose a direct safety hazard.

    There is a vest that says "service ESA" which is an illegal vest. An ESA is not a service dog and, although both are allowed on airlines, it’s still illegal to pass an ESA as a service dog.

    The great thing about this video is that it shows the fraud with doctors and online certifications–something that’s horribly unethical and damaging to all disabled people with emotional support animals and service dogs.

  8. I’m a mental health worker, but i seriously have doubts about ESA. There are many ways of managing mental health and it sounds really harsh but i think people need to find ways of coping without changing their environment. Real service dogs are often a last resort and VERY expensive and thoroughly trained.
    There are many many ways people can deal with anxiety and depression without needing an animal with them 24/7.
    The people i work with generally don’t want special treatment, they want the skills to be able to cope without changing their environments. i think maybe a ESA could be used as encouragement for people to leave their homes and get out in the public, but not to the point that they become a necessity. Obviously this is my personal opinion, change my mind.

  9. No chance this idea would be a disaster. Why not just put the people down in the animal cargo area with their ‘comfort’ animals? They can be in the cage with them. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  10. Ok whoever had the one dog in a damn vest that said Emotional Support Service Dog. Really fucking pisses me the fuck off. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EMOTIONAL SUPPORT SERVICE DOG.

  11. This absolutely sickens me!! I am currently training my Pit Bull puppy to be more calm and not bark too much. So I can you her as a ESA pet, I have severe anxiety. And I feel my puppy could help me so much❤

  12. I have schizophrenia, bipolar and anxiety I have a Emotional Support Dog and he flys with me every year to my hometown in Memphis in May he is well behaved in public and on the plane he sleeps in his carrier on the flight and doesn’t bark anyways I have to get a letter update ever year from my psychiatrist last year I was traveling back to Texas and saw another small dog it wasn’t a ESA but the dog got out of the carrier and ran luckily the owner got it and two older men saw my dog cause I was petting him and let his head out on the top of his carrier and they ask me “will your dog get out of his carrier like that.” I said “my dog is a Emotional Support Dog and well behaved and trained to stay in his carrier.” They were concerned that my dog will do the exact same thing. I get mad when people abuse the system just so they can fly with their pets for free it makes us who have ESA and service dogs look bad and who really need them

  13. So, let me see, the world is producing more ‘snowflakes’ (fragile people) who simply can’t cope with life while traveling unless they bring their pet with them? And it’s pretty easy to get because professional (?) health care staff are making bucks off of having their patients ask for the E.S.A. form to be signed by them? So what happens if someone on the plane has an emotional anxiety issue with being around animals? This month, we flew out of Chicago O’Hare to Miami. There were women (probably in their 60’s or 70’s) who each had a small dog with them on the flight. One was seated right behind us, the other diagonally behind us. The one woman did not keep her dog contained within her seat space. Instead it was walking up and down the aisle. Ironically, on our connecting flight an attendant snapped at my husband because a part of his computer bag handle was in the aisle and she complained that she ‘almost tripped over it’, but a dog can occupy the aisle and there is not issue? The other woman did keep her dog on her lap the entire time but was complaining to her lady friend about her dog being in the aisle. And the two of them talked to their dogs (using baby talk) the entire time they were awake. The one woman actually said, "Freddie (name changed to protect whomever) why are you in the aisle, you are a bad boy. You wanna go to college?" I have not idea what she meant by that, perhaps she was threatening the dog with dog training school? or perhaps she did have some type of psychiatric problem (?). I used to work with adults with disabilities (physical, emotional, and/or cognitive) so I do have compassion for people with REAL disabilities. But before the flight we observed these two ladies for almost 45 minutes in the gate area. They were holding a conversation with each other and with another lady sitting next to them. All of them appeared coherant, calm, and none of them had any observable physical disability. And yet, all 3 of the them, plus the 2 dogs, plus lots of carry-ons (certainly more than what was allowed) occupied every single seat made available to people with disabilities. From listening to their conversations, in our opinion, they seemed more to us like to wealthy women, who were accustomed to "getting their own way" in various situations. So, during this flight, they did. – – – even at the expense of other’s discomfort. So what’s next? Getting a doctor to sign an E.S.A. form for taking your pet to lunch with you in the restaurant, or to stay with you as you stay as an inpatient in the hospital? When will all the self-serving selfishness and inconsiderateness end?

  14. ESA’s aren’t service dogs and do not have public access. ESA’s should still have training. There is no certification. People need to stop bringing pets in public claiming theyre service dogs or ESA’s when theyre not ans ESA’s DO NOT HAVE PUBLIC ACCESS.

  15. Selfish. Did you ever stop to think that many people (one in 20) have a crippling fear of dogs? Many more are uncomfortable around dogs. About 15% of the population is allergic to dogs. What makes your comfort more important than theirs? Take an Ativan!

  16. as a service dog handler i hate this so so much. my dog is a live saving medical alert dog. she’s highly trained. she’s been attacked before by these kinds of untrained pets. i’m very disappointed in this world tbh. someone please fix this asap. i need my dog.

  17. I have a husky that is a esa that is currently in training to become a service dog and this "fake esa and service dogs" really harm real esa and real service dogs. I get so much crap from people online for having an esa even though I follow the laws and made sure that he was trained in obedience before taking him flying. People need to stop getting esa just to fly or have them in housing and service dog handlers need to realize there are a lot of people that need an animal for support, granted they still need to follow the ada. I see many comments of people with service dogs delegitimizing real esas and it needs to stop.

  18. my dog never barked and would nap in his carrier…..I’d open the top and give him water w/some treats and he’d take a nap… I trained him and jumping on people was not acceptable.

  19. This hurts real service dogs reputation! Esa should be required to be in a cage or bag if they are not SPECIALY TRAINED. Or WELL BEHAIVED

  20. As someone who has an ESA and who does see a Psychologist for help I am concerned that a bunch of people who see me with my ESA will think that there’s nothing wrong and I’m abusing the system when I’m not. You using a picture of Alaskan Klee Kai, which is what my ESA is, not only concerns me about the message you are sending out but also the likelihood of someone judging me without knowing my need for my ESA. If you continue to attack this breed I will have no other recourse than to report you to the AKK.og and they’ll be sure to take you to court for declamation of breed.

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