PetSafe Standard Bark Control Collar Tips

PetSafe Standard Bark Control Collar Tips

From – An overview of the PetSafe standard bark control collar with tips and troubleshooting information. When used properly, a PetSafe bark collar is a great solution to stop nuisance or excessive dog barking.


  1. I bought a Petsafe bark collar few weeks ago and its not working well,my dog always manages to drag it to side.
    If i tighten it more then he could not breath.
    The Sensor Probe is to long so its not posible to center it on his neck. Pleas help

  2. People worried about the electric shock to the animal as if they would not be using a cellphone at this moment willingly knowing of the radiation it emits

  3. my dog used to howl non stop when i left home, tried treat balls, toys bones etc to amuse him but ran out of options when i got a note left in my letter box saying "i had better stop my dog howling or else", bought this product and within a couple of weeks my dog had stopped howling and has been good for years now.

  4. just bought it for my lab/chow mix- he was barking so much that the neighbors were complaining… and he would only bark when I left him home alone and when strangers approached the apt.. so HOPEFULLY this will work… I will let you know! the first bark and "stimulation" wasnt pretty I’ll tell yah that. probably bothered me more.

  5. Si tu perro ladra y estas pensando en comprar algo asi, cĂłmprale el de ultrasonidos, es algo menos bruto, molesto tal vez, pero esto que le da descargas elĂ©ctricas, aunque digan que es flojito y no hace daño, piensa si a ti te gustarĂ­a que te pusieran descargas elĂ©ctricas en la garganta 🙁

    Mi consejo, nada mĂĄs.

  6. Why don’t we shock people for walking or talking or doing things they like to do to express themselves. This is Fuking disgusting. I’d rather my dog bark uncontrollabley than have it electrocuted every time it does what it’s instincts tell it to do!

  7. Oh hello! Have you heard about Cesario Bad Dog Buster (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now) for dog obedience? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy had cool results with it. 

  8. used it on my 1.5 years old Westie. it sent my furkid into a frenzy, it was so painful he wouldn’t stop barking because of the pain! as such, he was statically tortured and was running around, still barking/crying out loud. i got bitten trying to remove the collar and it sure pain my heart seeing him in a traumatized state. it took him a while before he could take the trauma off his mind. not sure how effective this product is, but i’m definitely throwing it in the trash!

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