1. If only my cat would allow me to put on her. She wouldn’t care about the fact that it’s on, but she won’t move with it. :/

  2. Watson is adorable!! I have tried the t shirt thing with my Cheeto and he is a no a go. But I think it was because it was the wrong size. I think I will try it out again with a larger size.

  3. Watson is so cute- my cat would never let me do that- further, my little Guido, would probably put the shirt on me when I was sleeping.

  4. Watson Rules! He postures like my Maine Coon "Alex" and people always ask me if I sit him like that. All my cats are rescues like Watson & I think they know you’ve saved them and are so grateful & loving. Can’t get enough of Watson’s videos.

  5. I can’t even put a collar on my cat let alone a shirt LOL… he is too cute. My cat is very vocal… she talk to us a lot.. you’re a handsome boy Watson!!

  6. He’s too cute! My cat would claw my eyes out if I tried to put a shirt on her…. Won’t even wear a collar!

  7. Love Watson! My cats would send me to the ER if I tried to put clothes on them. Santa hats one Christmas were bad enough. My cats preferred dog toys when they weren’t old, lazy, and grouchy.

  8. I can’t believe Watson sits that still while having clothes put on him—he’s sooooo mellow. When we were kids, my sister and I used to dress our cats in doll clothes, and let’s just say they were not that tolerant….

  9. Watson is the cutest! I still can’t get over how he can just sit there like a human. Next time I’m at Petsmart, I’m going to check out there shirts. I wanna see how my siamese does with it. 🙂

  10. I LOVE Watson! He’s so cute! I would love to find a cat with his demeanor for my children! Please enter me in the FB crockpot giveaway. Thank you so much!!

  11. Watson is the coolest cat I have ever seen! We "torture" our kitty from time to time by putting the dog’s clothes or costumes on him. He just lays down like he can’t move once we put the clothes on. lol! I think the Kermie t-shirt is still available, my sister, who works at PetSmart just bought one a week ago or so. Maybe I’ll try it on Mr. Kitty later. Muhahaha! 🙂

  12. I would love to try putting shirts on my two cats and see if it would help calm them down some lol. Plus I think they would look so cute like Watson 🙂

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