PetSmart PetsHotel Tour by Bailey the Golden Retriever

PetSmart PetsHotel Tour by Bailey the Golden Retriever

Bailey, the Golden Retriever, is really enthusiastic about the pet boarding services at PetSmart PetsHotel – and so are we! Our comfortable pet lodging and safety-certified associates provide a welcoming environment for dogs and cats to stay while you’re away. Why settle for a pet sitter when your furry friend has a team of specialists ready to pamper them? To schedule your pet’s resort vacation with us and to see what great upgrades we offer, visit the link below for a PetsHotel boarding location near you.


  1. Me and my family are going on a long trip in a few months and we have been looking for a place like this! But I must warn you one of our dogs is a chatter-box!

  2. I actually worked here and in the store for over a year, so ask me anything and I’ll give an honest answer!

  3. DO NOT LET YOUR PET STAY HERE. They’ve killed so many helpless animals. Whether it be reptiles, rodents, birds, or even more recently, a dog. A service dog died because of petsmart recently. Her name was Aspen. She had stayed at the petsmart pet hotel, and when her owner checked her in, he was told a vet would be notified if the dog showed any sign of illness. Days later, when her owner picked her up, he was told she had been vomiting, shaking, and having trouble walking. The vet was NEVER notified. A while later, Aspen had to be put down because of how sick she was. This isn’t the first time this has happened, there are plenty of other horror stories, just look up "PetSmart cruelty" on Youtube or Google. #JusticeForAspen

  4. In case you somehow had extra money after paying for your own hotel, why not give your dog, your six cats, and your two chinchillas a luxury hotel as well?

  5. Poor dogs it looks like a shelter near my house it’s much better even though there is a cage for dogs to rest in it has grassy area to run around and play with toys and rub in mud

  6. That’s a lie i know petsmart and petco secret so can everyone knows they do animal abuse they let hamster, guinea pig , rabbits, birds and cats die . Why are you having a store if you don’t take care of the animals your selling. I saw a hamster in petsmart it was Dead!!!! Animals don’t deserve to die . don’t support petsmart and petco they kill animals when i always go to petco and petsmart the animals seem sad and lonely. I hope the owner of petsmart and of petco go to jail.

  7. If you are not willing to pay extra your dog is not allowed to have any social time. The cost of letting your dog out into the day care should be included in the cost of lodging. I don’t feel good about my dog staying in a kennel for a week or two. That is not like home.

  8. More like a animal shelter that you havta pay alot of money to keep your pet at lol…how about call family or friends to watch em

  9. our dog vinny LOVES his stays at petsmart! as soon as we drive up into the parking lot, he gets excited! i love that the caretakers all know his name! have never had a problem leaving him, as he’s always excited to get started with his stay! doesn’t even say goodbye to me, ha! heads straight for the door to the back! it’s comforting to know our pup is in good hands and happy while we are gone, so we don’t have to worry! love petsmart!

  10. Ok first of all they do NOT have good vet and they are NOT save now thanks to PetSmart everyone knows there secret they are hiding something from costumers. I’m warning you people if you shop at petsmart for your pets your pets are in danger because so if I were you I would stop shopping at PetSmart they have done enough harm. Thank you.

  11. I heard people at petsmart FREEZE, and BEAT ANIMALS TO DEATH IN PLASTIC BAGS. I am no longer willing to shop at petsmart! For the love of the animals, if you cant treat them right. I will no longer shop at petsmart.

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