Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta Local Fish Store Tour!

Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta Local Fish Store Tour!

Pisces Pet Emporium Calgary, Alberta Local Fish Store Tour!
Check out their website https://piscespets.com/
This LFS tour was amazing! It has more fish and dry goods than any other fish store I have been in! They had approximately 14,000G of fresh water and also had Marine tanks! I hope you like it! Not only was it an Aquarium store tour, they had all kinds of other animals!
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  1. Wow… Edmonton’s got a few nice fish shops but nothing quite like this… Might have to make the 3 hour each way drive to visit this place

  2. Hey Man! I live in Calgary, there are a few great stores here, great saltwater community here too. I have a store tour coming up soon too, have a boo at my channel , not great but I’m learning. Thanks for the vid! Cheers!

  3. you to expand your horizons a little bit buddy. There’s more to life than guppies and plecos…lol

  4. Hey Michael good video but I wish you would stay longer on some tanks you skip it’s okay keep up the good work I just subscribe subscribe to aquarium Co-op and a couple other fish guys and just trying to need help just got into the hobby and love it I got a question I got a 45 gallon tank plenty of plants I got for Cory cats and I’m about 11 Guppies ratio 7 to 4 7 females for males I might taking it too serious but I’m writing down everything got the fish tank it was already set up for a week when I put the plants and fish it was on the 24th by the way on the second day one of the females had 10 fry I got one of those breathing breeder boxes that you put a hose in and it sucks water from the aquarium into the brooder box and let it out I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about but I got 10 fry in there all Alive my question is that haven’t had fried yet again in my being impatient and my other question is I got the tank on the the fish on the 24th and I checked everything ammonia pH nitrie nitrates I bought one of those test kit The little Book of all the colors that you need to be in so when I did the test my ammonia was high my nitrate and nitrates or a little bad pH was good I have hard water I have all the temperature we’re going to be I did a water change on the 2nd of December and checked it again and still the ammonia was less higher the nitrate and nitrate were less bad I got a canister filter and I got a hang on filter but anyways you think I’m trying to be too perfect or do I need to do another water change that fish tank that I got them in it’s a 45 gallon it used to be my buddies he never took care of his fish so he just gave it to me but when I got it I cleaned everything good and had it running for a week before I put any fish in there because I got a 75 gallon to with one canister filter and I got a big silver dollar fish in there he’s about 5 in a pleco that’s about 6 in just a common pleco 5 rainbow fish they’re about 2 to 3 in and no plants and for some reason it’s doing a little bit better then the 45 gallon you think I’m feeling too much on the 45 gallon I got a auto feeder I feed four times with that auto feeder but very little and they’re not in that little tank where the fry or at I feed them fry baby food

  5. Love your channel. Buy those red wagtail platy are not wagtail. Why, because wagtail have ALL black fins…

  6. Pea puffers!!! Going to Pisces tomorrow to pick mine up! Saw them there months ago as little babies!

  7. Why the air horn at the end? The whole video was so quiet that I had to turn all my volume all the way up and then that was really loud. It’s 2 am and everyone’s sleeping. Not to mention my window is open…sigh Glad I wasn’t wearing headphones. 🙁

  8. Now funny running into Michael here at Pisces Pet Emporium In Calgary my home town … Peter has a great store up by Edmonton Trail by an old hotel that the band that I worked for in the 70s used to play a lot at it was known as the Airliner Hotel back in the day LOL …. He has been in business a very long time and has quite the pet shop Don’t know how many times I have been in that pet shop over its history as the pet shop began in the early 70s. When I was part time employee at the wholesaler I would help deliver fish to that Pet Shop as the other side of Black Foot Trail was the warehouse district … Wow nice pet shop quality Plume Tail Platies usually the Platies that you would find like that would breed true if they came through Peter’s suppliers. Only when you see mixed colors in his tanks you know that they would be marked assorted platies. Pisces Pet Emporium generally would be more or less have a wide selection as he tries to aim a little bit of the market at every type of Pet keeper.

    What other Pet Shops did you visit in Calgary Michael?

  9. I lived in Calgary for about a month or so and I went to a petstore and was so impressed. They had birds in a glass cage with no cover and I was surprised that they didnt fly away.

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