Pizza Is the Most Delicious Food Ever


Everybody likes pizza. It’s one of the oldest rules in the book (since
it was invented, anyway). Consider its perfection: a round, doughy
piecrust featuring whatever toppings anyone may want. It’s quite
possibly one of the best things about this specialized pie: the toppings
suit whatever the diner prefers—a completely tailored meal anyone can
enjoy. For Americans, the staple ingredients are cheese and pepperoni.
Although many other toppings have entered the American diet over the
last 100 years, the pepperoni pizza remains the most popular.
Nevertheless, Americans enjoy other types of sausage, chicken,
vegetables, and sometimes even seafood can be placed on the pie as a

In many Europeans countries, sliced boiled eggs, raw fish, or even
eggplant—or aubergine—can appear as a topping. Despite this, one thing
holds true; every pizza is made with the same foundation of bread dough
and generally a tomato, garlic, or white sauce. Be it deep dish or thin
crust, a piping hot pie with the right ingredients can brighten anyone’s
day. While often considered a comfort food, pizza is a large part of
the diet of many around the world. While invented in Italy as a staple
dish for the Neapolitan cuisine, this food can be found in Brazil,
Israel, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and even Japan.

In Japan, for example, this dish can sometimes be found with the popular
moshi cake. The moshi cake is a gluten rice cake that is molded into a
shape with a fruit or vegetable center seasoning. It may be one of the
most original takes on the Italian cuisine, and remains extremely
popular throughout Japan. In Brazil, on the other hand, the meal is made
with thin crust and can often feature tropical fruits and veggies as
toppings. Some of these include bananas, sugarplums, coconuts, and

In places like Nepal, Pakistan, and India, the pizza is made with
traditional meat and rice dishes as toppings. Some of these include
spicy chicken, spinach, and other tandoori treats. However, few places
in Pakistan use pork for any dish due to religious reasons, and it is
rather difficult to find beef on a pie in India unless one finds
themselves in a tourist or western-friendly area. In Sweden, it is easy
to find doner kabob or sweetened, fermented red peppers as toppings.

Unless travelers find themselves in remote areas of the African
continent, it is relatively easy to find either a Western-style pie or
one made with traditional, local ingredients. Italian pies are protected
under European Union law, and only pizzas made in a specific fashion
are, according to these provisions, able to be labeled “Italian”. Much
of the reasoning behind this law had to do with native Italians who had a
stake in fighting a large influx of immigrants who opened pizzerias and
began to label their pies as traditional Italian types. This, it was
argued, confused tourists and could have had a chilling effect on
traditional Italian restaurants.

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