Please Don’t Distract Service Dogs…

Please Don’t Distract Service Dogs…

almost every time we go out we get some form of distraction or another. Us handlers understand it’s a bit different but we just want to live a normal life without being stared at questioned, hearing kissypuppy noises etc Please, Please Not not distract service dogs or interact with them etc. /
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  1. One time I was in the store and I was walking and saw a cute little doggy then I saw it was a service dog than I turned my head the other way

  2. Before all of this stuff I only thought people with wheelchairs couldnt use theyre legs so they use it and that it was only for them (parents told me this when i was younger)
    *I now know that its not just for people that couldnt use their legs and leardned alot about disorders*
    im so dumb though guys

  3. I don’t have a SD but I remember one time when I was little I was at a Target with my mother and sister when I saw a woman and her small SD checking out as we were leaving. Looking back on it I regret it but I let out a very excited “Puppy” to which my mom and sister quickly scolded me telling me that the dog was working. Luckily neither the SD didn’t hear me as for I have a really soft voice due to a hearing impairment. Schools definitely need to teach kids about SD because if they don’t a kid with a louder voice than mine could catch the dog’s attention which can seriously harm the owner.

    (Sorry for the long post)

  4. So I have to have an ESA cuz I have a lil PTSD and high anxiety, and I got very irritated (because I respect people with SD’s) because I saw a woman walking into Walmart with a husky puppy with a vest on but she was CARRYING it I really wanted to go ask her the 2 questions but we where leaving so if it was or wasn’t one it was irritating cuz if it was it’s not being trained well and if it wasn’t people should just leave their pets at home 🙁

  5. Do folks in the states not ask before petting dogs? I was taught to always ask and I’ve never had any one pet my dog without asking first.
    Perhaps it’s because I grew up in an area with working dogs and a lot of them weren’t friendly. Trust me, you don’t want to stick your hand near a terrier that’s been trained to hunt rats or someone’s personal protection dog.
    I was also told NEVER to pet a dog that was working because you might distract it or you might get bitten if it’s doing hunting work. This extended to service dogs.

  6. im kinda concerned about your service dog, she shakes her head a lot and i think something in or, about her ears are bothering her, please have her checked out by a vet

  7. I’m glad I watch these videos to inform myself and also inform my friends and family to make sure to let service dogs work and keep their owners safe.

  8. I just say “ i like your service dog.” Please don’t go up to them and bug them! They are working

  9. My parents always told me to ask the owner if i can pet there dog. If they decline i respectfully walk away. If i can see its a service dog i wont even approach dat dog even if it cute as fuuu. Like peeps, service dogs arnt dogs u can just waddle up to and be like ‘ kebskjejejs thisss dogog izzz the cutzzszzz meeeee petzzzzz’
    Like peeps need to learn to respect service dogs and their owners!

  10. But yet again you should indicate in some way it’s a service dog…stop blaming people for distracting your dog that has legit no proof of being a service dog. It might not be mandatory to wear a vets, but it’s still a must have. If you can’t indicate properly that your dog is working, people aren’t in the wrong for speaking to your dog or trying to pet him. Your mistake

  11. The moment a service animal starts working it’s medical equipment. I wish more people would understand that.

  12. I have a beagle and collie mix and she has short legs and her tail has longer fur than the rest of her body and kids run up and yank her tail and pet her and I have to explain to them that she a service dog to not mess with her and then I tell the parents to educate there kids

  13. Because of videos like these I know not to distract service dogs. I offen need to remind my siblings not to go up to them aswell. I used to have a chance of getting one, luckely my disorder turned out to be much less serious than they thought (its still very bad). So i just watch them to appreciate the hard work and training they do.

  14. I love dogs , but when i see one in the store , i stay away , only commenting how well behaved they are . You know when they are the real deal , the way they are handled and the calmness the dog exibits . Little kids should not under any circumstances interact with a working dog , this disrupts what they are trained to do , and parents should not encourage this !

  15. I wasn’t aware that it was illegal to make eye contact with the service dogs at first but now I know. I wish they taught us this in school. Also, suppose a service dog sees another person (not the owner) about to have a seizure or something similar to what they’re trained to notice in their owner… Would they alert someone? Just curious.

  16. I have this issue with people trying to distract my dog and she just ignores them I owner trained my service dog for two years and doing task trained and public access one time I was at the grocery store with my PTSD alert dog and this lady reached her hand out and I noticed because I trained my dog to walk behind me when that happens I looked at the lady with her daughter and husband and I said please do not pet her she’s a medical alert service dog and she kept makingkissy noises and I started shaking really bad tothe point where my dog told me youneed to sit down and do light pressure theraphy and I just thought I’m greatful idident have access issues. So far in Oregon and yet people should know that it’s a missdemeaner to distract and harass a service dog knowing it’s a service dog

  17. When people come up and try to pet a service dog, they think it’s just a regular dog, but people don’t realize that the dog has a job and does not want to be distracted or tempted into something. It’s the same thing like if you went to work and a person came in and started drawing unwanted attention and that is what the dog feels, uncomfortable, annoyed, temped, tricked. Please tell someone or remind yourself not to mess with a service animals while doing their job.

  18. The one distraction I have the hardest time not doing is the staring. I’ve gotten better but when I was younger I would always stare at the working dogs I saw (I knew not to touch them or talk to them) I’m better at it now whew it took a while to get.

  19. This is why I always ask someone who has a service dog if I could pet them the most important thing if they are a seizure alert dog or a diabetic alert dog don’t distract them

  20. I have a service dog to I had a time were sombody with a dog started talking to me about his breed and it was allright until she started distracting him and it seemed like it was on purpose,so that got me quite ticked of so I just had to tell her to stop.

  21. I love that when de little kid at the begining goes "doggy~" and the mom tells him "don’t" in such a fast way

  22. 3:17 that girl was far too old to say “aw doggie!” She didn’t do anything too bad but in the first place she shouldn’t even have said anything at all.

  23. Its so annoying.
    The only time I’ve ever pet a dog without permission is if they come too me (off leash) and ones I had a dog jump up on me. The most beautiful boy. I instinctively pet the boy and the owner laughed and said "he likes you"


  24. I think people should be taught to ignore service dogs but if its a young child like 3 they don’t know any better they think its just a dog

  25. If the dog is a normal dog, ASK TO PET IT. If it is a service dog don’t even ask bc the answer is probably NO. Don’t EVER pet a random dog .

  26. Think of service dogs as wheel chairs or glasses, you can’t just take them from someone because they need them. You can’t just ask to use it for a min because they need them. The same thing with a service dog, their owner needs them and you can’t distract them.

  27. Ever since I was little I new to respect service dogs and not to look at them, talk to them, or touch them, along with regular dogs I knew to ask before petting one

  28. It’s amazing how many people distract service dogs and make things uncomfortable for the handler. I just graduated college last year and my campus was a huge hub for training Service Dog Puppies ( mostly for blindness! In- Training pups everywhere!!). One time, an in-training GSD dog pup leaned against my leg for balance within the campus bus (he had his little yellow vest on!!), but I turned my head away and kept my attention away from the dog! I didn’t want to distract him! I wish people were more considerate of your dog and your own space.

  29. I watched these videos before getting my SD and I remember thinking “this has to be staged, it can’t happen that often” and then I got my SD and was like OH it really does happen an absurd amount of times.

  30. See you should ask permission first. And never touch or distract a service dog while it’s working!!! It’s not right. My mom has a friend who has a service dog and whenever the dogs *not working* the owner drops her off so me and my mom could watch her. And me being me with my anxiety the dog helps me when I’m scared when I’m watching her and keep in mind the owner *ALLOWS* it because we’re very good friends

  31. 1.) Would you run up and start screaming and distracting ANY Emergency Service? (This includes officers, doctors, etc.). You going up and distracting any animal while working is VERY dangerous, and is basically equivalent to you distracting any EMTs.
    2.) How would you feel if you were at work and someone walked up and started touching you and distracting you?
    3.) Intentionally trying to "Say hi" to ANY animal you DON’T KNOW is a *terrible* idea. You never know whether they’re a good normal pet, a service animal, or a highly aggressive animal.
    *This isn’t directed towards anyone in specific, not pointing fingers. Just something for everyone to think about.*

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