PodCast: It's a Great Time to Homestead in America

PodCast: It's a Great Time to Homestead in America

People leaving New York
– High taxes
– High regulation
– Home Schooling regulations
– Childcare is so expensive – is it really worth it for both parents to work? 90% higher than national average.

People leaving Chicago

If A Solar Storm Strikes The Power Grid, THESE STATES Are Where You Might Be Safe

If A Solar Storm Strikes The Power Grid, THESE STATES Are Where You Might Be Safe

Comments on Youtube:
– Do you do laundry outside during the winter? – How do you do laundry in the winter? especially drying it all
– doing laundry like that looks like a good work out anyway
– I have been doing laundry by hand for yrs i love doing it that way…I even make my own Laundry soap..and i hang them out side winter inside the shower… 🙂
– I just want to say that if you get behind on laundry there is NO SHAME in going to the laundry mat to get caught up every now and again.
– why dont you ask your huby to set up a washing mashine with solar panel energy? troy from the do it yoursel channel has one solar powered…

HR 2309 could pass before the end of the year. SUPPORT IT!

Gun Ownership in America hits Record Highs: 44% of All Homes have a Firearm

Gun Ownership in America hits Record Highs: 44% of All Homes have a Firearm

I’m about to give my first bad review on a product. What is it?


  1. The metro cities in Texas have gone looney, but the rest of the state isn’t bad. Just stay away from the eastern half. The west is wide open, besides all the pump jacks.

  2. Since when is it illegal to distill water??  It’s so easy to do.  They often do it in science classes.

  3. I enjoy these Podcasts so much! I don’t always have time to sit and watch a video so this is great!! Thank you! 🙂

  4. So, just for folks not interested in jumping around, the podcast actually starts at the 8:50 mark of the video.

  5. What model of "washing machine" and dryer do you use?  Bucket and plunger washing method, and natural line drying only?

  6. I have been a subscriber of your channel from the beginning and just realized that the land I bought last year is really close to you. You folks can feel content that you have like-minded people moving into your area.

  7. Laundromats are expensive to use, not to mention the burden of loading up the clothes/toting them in and out, plus the gas for the vehicle to transport..time, etc. For all that expense a washer on the homestead even operated with a small generator is VERY economic and practical. I’d love to find a good working wringer washer and buy one. I keep looking, but as I age more hand washing isn’t as practical when you’re crippled up with arthritis and that’s primarily from all the years I did hand wash and hang outdoors in winter conditions. Something to think about…yes?

  8. I lived on 6 1/3 acres with my family from 1972 to 1978. We had a garden, chickens, goats, cows, honeybees and fruit trees. We had a barn, a stanchion with walls and a manger. There were two wells. We planted nut trees. Since then the biggest city I lived in was Chandler, AZ. I left there to move to Camp Verde, AZ. From Camp Verde, I went to Rimrock. From Rimrock to Pearce to Dos Cabezas to Cochise to Sunsites and from Sunsites to Sunizona. I keep going smaller and less populated. I do not like crowds of people.

  9. Our kids are about your age, a tad younger, but each of our 4 boys grew up to move to the city, except one who is ex military ex law enforcement. They were homeschooled ( we used Beautiful Feet by the way and Loved it), we bought 5 acres for our children to homestead on and none of them want to settle here, because teh area is dying quickly… We however will continue on, homestead, and at least as long as we breath, the kids and their family will have a place to go if there is a WROL situation. Granted, we don’t have any luxuries that the kids want, like my DIL’s have never washed a dish without a dish washer, but we have hopes and prayers that our grands will live a good life with solid values and the boys (now men) will come back to the roots oflife.

  10. I’m going to check out the articles you linked in a minute but I’m surprised that Philadelphia isn’t mentioned. I’m looking for homestead land now. I’m on the east coast and this is not a good place to look for homestead land. We’re looking in the southeast because some people in my family need to within a day’s drive of Philly. It’s very regulated and I don’t think it’s safe.

  11. If the dogs aren’t doing their job, they’re not well trained. They also need to be contained to their property. Also someone told me that a good chicken coop shouldn’t have any gaps or openings larger then 1 inch once the coop is closed up.

  12. They were conquered yes but treatises were made and we are now ignoring them as convenient. The precedent here is that nothing put down not even supposedly legally binding agreements has to be honored. Imminent domain is one of the most unconstitutional pieces of law ever allowed in this country. I’m not mad Zach just disappointed.

  13. I’m living between Milwaukee and Chicago and I’m actively looking for property in rural Arkansas, partly Arkansas because that’s where my son’s want to relocate and the affordable lifestyle.

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