POODLE PUPPIES – DIY Dog Food & Fun by Cooking For Dogs

POODLE PUPPIES – DIY Dog Food & Fun by Cooking For Dogs

Toy Poodle Dog Breed – a furry bundle of fun – they are smart, funny and will love you forever!

• The poodle is a group of formal dog breeds, the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle, with many coat colors. Originally bred in Germany as a type of water dog, the breed was standardized in France. Socialize your dog as a young puppy and he will be confident and happy in your world – check out our link on tips for socializing dogs at http://youtu.be/vUREzRmQaKM

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Music Credits: “Sound Off’ by the Jingle Punks – Used with permission from the YouTube Audio Library
Music Credits. “Crossover” original track by Trent Kelly – Used with permission


  1. I thought the description said DIY dog food??? Where is that? All I saw was music and dogs running around?

  2. Hi my poodle puppy is now 5 Months old and he only weighs about 3kgs, very thin and has long legs. . I do fed him correctly. Any idea why he’s like that? Pls

  3. I just recently got a poodle puppy the same color as Teddy but with a creamier lower back and big white patch on the chest. His name is Gatsby. And we are getting a girl from a different litter ( not planning to breed !) Who will be more like Coco which I wanted to name her but was afraid it sounded too much like No No. So her name is Bijou and she is a chocolate phantom we think. But you know these guys change. They were supposed to be minis but I think they are going to be toys. We are going to do raw and cooked food and maybe a handful of a good kibble with lots of vitamins in it. Dog food scares me. My breeder gave me some royal canin.1st ingredient ,brewers rice. 2nd chicken meal. Gluten is near the top. Soon as Bijou is home in about 3 weeks we are going to settle her in and then start changing the diet. I just hope I give the right amounts of various foods for puppies.

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