Premonition – Intro [Official Audio]

Premonition – Intro [Official Audio]

From the album Music To Be Murdered By, out now:


  1. M, if you actually read fan comments, I would like to suggest using a sample from a band from the 1970’s, The Who, they have a song, “who are you”. I think you, with your awesome skills, that you could utilize this as a sample to create an incredible song about this subject of who we are as humans to be an incredible lyrical song. Best wishes, Stan. Lol

  2. When he said "….no I sound like a spitta" correcting the haters so matter-of-factly, I got chills man….you just knew he was bout to go IN after that

  3. Em is the greatest rapper of all time, the GOAT. Bitch ass faggots these days stay hating on the GOATS, MJ Brady and Em smh

  4. Dang Eminem! i listen to this album everyday since it dropped, i just caught the double entendre related to a bar in this song today, album has been out for 3weeks lololol.
    Wen he says "i sell like 4mil when i put out a BAD album" he meant literal "bad" but also since he has already referenced LL cool J’s album BAD, he is saying his album is like LL cool J’s……. a BAD album
    When you catch EM’s bars u dont know wether to be happy that u caught it or feel stupid that it took u so long to finally catch it lol

  5. Music to Be Murdered By is projected to move between 300,000 and 325,000 album-equivalent units, HITS Daily Double reports. If the album does bow atop the Billboard 200, it will make Eminem the first artist to earn 10 consecutive No. 1 debuts in U.S. history. The Detroit rapper is currently tied with Kanye West, who earned his ninth consecutive No. 1 debut last year with Jesus Is King. -Forbes

  6. then id never use a hatchet axe to jab n hack a juggalo in half then their remaining halves they have in half after that when i dabble back. Im like coffee creamer… thats what others just havent have. "Half n half)
    Ur crazy eminem enigmaticly sarcastucally avidly can get casted b .

  7. On your knees, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back.
    And they still can’t touch you.

    Your someone who I’ve learnt from in life, who I look up to, because I believe your pretty much the best.
    Not many who can keep pace with Eminem, and I really enjoy when he re affirms it all the time with these bars.
    Shuts the haters up.
    Rest of us just in awe

  8. I’m a 60 year old guy that enjoys listening to any rap that Eminem makes. To me he is simply a genius and a Great artist.

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