Puppy got neutered…DITCH THE CONE!

Puppy got neutered…DITCH THE CONE!

Our 6 Month old puppy just got neutered and we hate to see him
uncomfortable or unhappy #DOGMOMAF
Soooo….here goes the genius baby onesie method!
Your dog is welcome! 😘


  1. You are such a lifesaver.
    I will be going to get my puppy soon.
    She got spay this morning.
    I just knew she would hate the cone.
    I am going to try this.

  2. okay no omg onesies should NOT be used after a dog has been spayed/neutered. they can still lick at the incision and rip a stitch or cause an infection. a cone is used to prevent them from being able to disturb the incision in anyway. yes it’s uncomfortable for them but its better to be a “bad mom” by making them wear the cone for a week than to have them cause an infection. you’re supposed to keep the area clean and dry with nothing over it so it can heal freely. please DO NOT use onesies on your dogs or cats omg

  3. My dog is 70 lbs and I just got her done soooo I’m just going to watch her super closely while quarantined and isolated for the next 10 days.

  4. Thankyou, gonna run out and get this. Cone is horrible. My baby got neutered today. I live next to dollar store, hopefully they have them. We have to drive 2 hours to drop our semi off and have to take our boy with us.

  5. Mine got neutered 3 days ago and he hated the cone! He looked so sad, wouldn’t move, couldn’t even reach his food or anything. He somehow removed the cone, the same night of his surgery and licked his wound, of course there was a little blood. So, I made him a shirt onesie, so he was more comfortable. I called the 24hr vet # and they said just to monitor and make sure there was no more bleeding or swelling etc. The shirt hasn’t gotten stuck to his stitches, he hasn’t bled or anything…he’s more comfortable, and when he uses bathroom I just untie it. Currently almost on day 4 and he’s healing perfectly… hopefully it stays that way! Poor baby. But I never thought about a onesie for a baby, genius!

  6. This is great, but my dog licks the onesie. Then he was acting like he couldn’t walk with the onesie on? So I went back to the dreaded cone. We are now on day 3 post surgery so I’m going to try again. I can’t do 2 weeks in that cone.

  7. You are awesome. send this to the whatever company it is that makes those onesies. They should pay you. offer a link to coupons

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